Nintendo Switch news (Oct. 21): no more official announcements this year, no word on region-lock

Today’s Nintendo Switch news: no more official announcements coming this year, but also…

  • Nintendo Switch: additional details
  • Devolver Digital
  • Vancouver

Nintendo Switch: See You in 2017

Yesterday, Nintendo finally revealed its new gaming platform yesterday, via a short but pretty effective 3mn-long concept video. Hungry for more? Want to know which games will be available on the system? Curious about unannounced features? Well, you will have to be patient: Takashi Mochizuki (from the Wall Street Journal), reports that Nintendo will not make any more official announcements until next year.

That “no more official announcements” policy applies to: game titles, spec details, whether the console is region-locked or not.

Takashi Mochizuki also reports that Nintendo told the press the Nintendo Switch would come with Joy Con L&R and the Dock at the very least. It’s not clear if the Joy Con Grip will be included or not at the moment. It’s pretty clear the contents of the “pack” available at launch is not something that will be revealed until much closer to said launch.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki

Nintendo Switch: additional details

Yesterday, Nintendo once again confirmed to IGN that the Nintendo Switch would be compatible with amiibo. Additional details were also given, starting with the Nintendo Switch Dock. It was created to allow users to seamlessly switch from TV to portable mode.

Naturally, the main console unit is the one with the screen, not the dock. That dock’s main purpose is to provide output to the TV, charging the main unit, and provide power to the system itself.

Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t confirm whether the screen of the main unit would be a touchscreen. It’s quite likely Nintendo chose to purposefully not mention certain features, in order to keep as clear a message as possible about what the Nintendo Switch is all about.

Source: IGN

Devolver Digital

Since the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, yesterday, many developers/publisher sent statements to confirm they would support the platform. Most of them were already on the list shared by Nintendo, but some were not… and that’s the case of Devolver Digital (Serious Sam, Hotline Miami). In a tweet, they confirmed that some of their games will be released on the Nintendo Switch next year. Which ones? We will have to wait before finding out!


It’s via a 3mn-long concept video that Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch. And it turns out that video was filmed… in Vancouver. The city is frequently taking the spotlight in films and TV series, but also in commercials. And with over 9 million views as of writing, the Nintendo Switch preview trailer may become the most viewed “commercial” featuring Vancouver.

The following locations can be seen in the video:

  • the exterior of SkyTrain’s Burrard Station
  • Stanley Park
  • the basketball courts under the Cambie Street Bridge
  • Pacific Coliseum

You can find some pictures over at Daily Hive!

The Nintendo Switch will be launched next year, worldwide.


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