Nintendo: Super Mario Tanzaku for Tanabata, Splatoon calendar (Summer)

Today, Nintendo updated its Nintendo Kids Space (special website for kids) in Japan, and added some really interesting content. The first is the most surprising, at least for those who are not too familiar with Tanabata. Indeed: it’s some Super Mario Tanzaku!

For those who don’t know, Tanzaku is the name of the pieces of paper people write their wishes on during Tanabata (which starts tomorrow). The Tanzaku is then hanged on bamboo. It’s a pretty popular custom, which can be seen in many works of fiction (including manga / anime series).

And thanks to Nintendo, you can now add some Super Mario flavour to your Tanabata festivities thanks to some Super Mario Tanzaku: you can right click > save as this link to download a PDF to print.

If Tanabata isn’t really your thing (which wouldn’t be suprising if you don’t live in Japan), what about a Splatoon calendar? Today, Nintendo shared a Summer calendar (July, August, September), featuring the popular Splatoon. You can right click > save as this link in order to download and print the calendar as a PDF. You will then have to cut the paper and put the calendar up by yourself!

This should help you stay fresh throughout the hot months of Summer!

Source: Nintendo



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