Nintendo news (Oct. 2): Splatoon 2 / Super Mario Party

Today’s Nintendo news: footage for the Skipper Pavilion stage in Splatoon 2, but also…

  • Super Mario Party
  • Dragalia Lost
  • ARMS

Splatoon 2

Later today (early tomorrow in Europe and Japan), Nintendo will release the latest Software update for Splatoon 2: Ver. 4.1.0. One hour after that, the latest Content Update for the game will go live, with one new stage (the last one): Skipper Pavilion. And today, the Squid Research Lab shared some gameplay footage for the game, showcasing that very stage. The video was recorded using the automatic spectator camera option that was added in Ver. 4.0.0!

Here’s the video:

Skipper Pavilion will be added to Splatoon 2 later today (North America) / early tomorrow (Europe / Japan)!

Super Mario Party

Here’s the latest video clip for Super Mario Party, showcasing the Pie Hard minigame!

Super Mario Party (Switch) comes out on October 5th worldwide.

Dragalia Lost

Here’s a video for Dragalia Lost showcasing some of the characters you can currently summon:

  • Xander (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)
  • Maribelle (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)
  • Hildegarde (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto)
  • Amane (voiced by Yukari Tamura)
  • Musashi (voiced by Daisuke Ono)

Dragalia Lost (Android, iOS) comes out at a later date in Europe and other countries around the world.


Here’s the leaderboards for the latest Party Crash event for ARMS, which saw Spring Man win against Misango with 52% of wins!

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)



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