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Path of Titans (Switch): all the updates (latest: Achillobator Update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Path of Titans on Nintendo Switch (originally released on August 12th 2022 in North America and Europe)!

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Path of Titans – Ver. ??? (Achillobator Update)

  • Release date: January 29th 2024 (North America) / January 30th 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Achillobator Released!

Hello everyone, we are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest dinosaur, the Achillobator! Famous amongst the paleontology community as one of the largest raptors ever discovered, it is also a highly anticipated creature in the Path of Titans roster.

Achillobator is arriving with everything an imposing raptor needs, with its pounce ability and a kick attack to make use of its razor sharp talons.

Alongside this, it also can equip brand new claw attacks, an ability slot that has never been given to raptors before. However, the most exciting feature of our newest dinosaur is the unique twist to its playstyle to give not just Achillobator its special niche, but its smaller relatives too! Our largest raptor has an entire ability set dedicated to commanding smaller raptors as its minions, acting as the big boss to its own gang with buff abilities for both large and small raptors alike.

As for our players that prefer a lone wolf playstyle, there’s no need to worry! The Achillobator has plenty of abilities for players that enjoy running solo, so anyone can enjoy this feathered hunter with or without their pack.

We know how long the community has been waiting for Achillobator’s release day, and can’t wait to hear your feedback on our giant raptor. You can log in right now to check out the brand new Achillobator, and we hope that you enjoy the latest addition to Path of Titans!


Balance Changes

There are also a handful of notable balance changes found in this update, for several dinosaurs and abilities. We have been listening closely to player feedback, and have made some changes based on your suggestions and some combat-specific issues we’ve noticed.

For the full list of patch notes, please check out the in-game patch notes viewer on the Main Menu!

Bleed / Venom / Poison Healing Changes

We have adjusted venom, bleed, and ‘Putrid Scales’ poison heal values in addition to making the damage inflicted by these status effects more consistent across character states. We found that some players were concerned by how much of their health bar was taken up by the ‘bleed’ effect while running. However, we also found that it was very easy for some creatures to run away and recover while afflicted with bleed, which resulted in bleed attacks being less effective for many players.

To address this issue, we adjusted the bleed status effect to be less intense while running in exchange for a longer time to heal this effect while sitting or sleeping. Venom and poison have received similar adjustments. Alongside this, we have also adjusted bleed, venom and the ‘poison’ effect of Putrid Scales to be more consistent across various character movement states. We will continue to monitor how these changes affect gameplay across our servers, as well as player feedback regarding these changes.

Turn Radius / Speed Hide Ability Changes

As the game has developed, speed and turn radius have become one of the most popular ability types across the entire player base due to its versatility in various types of gameplay. However, as this has caused some concerns with game balancing between several dinosaur types, we have implemented some changes to these abilities to ensure they are only affecting combat to the same degree as other abilities of the same type.

Raptor Bleed Changes

Raptor gameplay is all about speed, stamina and persistence, which is great for pouncing onto enemies to deal light damage. However, we have noted community concerns and discussion about raptor bleed on pounce. People have found that raptors dealing bleed on pounce was too strong and we are in agreement with that sentiment. To address this, we have introduced an alternative Legs ability for raptors to ensure players still have the option to inflict bleed damage, just not while pouncing on another player.

Path of Titans – Ver. ??? (Hotpatch)

  • Release date: December 25th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • adds a new dinosaur: Hatzegopteryx!
    • This is an absolutely massive flying reptile, with a wingspan that blocks out the sun.
    • The Hatzegopteryx is able to grab and carry other players off into the sky. Watch them struggle as you fly higher and higher, and then drop them to let them plummet to their doom! The Hatz is also a formidable foe on the ground, with a quick trot speed and rapid beak stab attacks that get stronger with each hit. And, steer clear of it’s “Evil Eye” ablity which decreases the attack of the closest creature near it.
  • adds Replay Tool
    • You’re now able to take recordings and play them back whenever you’d like. You can access your replays from the main menu. The Replay mode is a brand new tool in Path of Titans that allows you to record and save your own footage from your in-game experiences.

Path of Titans – Ver. ??? (Pounce Update)

  • Release date: November 1st 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Patch notes

  • Pounce Latch Abilities
  • Eurhinosaurus Launch!
  • Updated subspecies stats for over 25 species
  • Music System
  • New Soundtrack for Panjura and Gondwa
  • Music reacts dynamically in real time to your gameplay
  • Optimizations for:
    • Gondwa
    • Chat and UI
    • Community Server Management
    • Weather Effects – Fog especially
    • Swimming and fishing improvements

Raptor Pounce and Latch

  • Pounce on your enemies and hang off their sides with sharp raptor talons as they attempt to escape, and hold on tight to deal as much damage as you can! The new Pouncing mechanic will be a long awaited game-changer for our raptor players, allowing you to really sink your teeth (and talons!) into intense fights and start making your mark on bigger prey…

Sarcosuchus Grab

  • Ambush your prey, snatch them up and drag them down into a watery grave. The new Grabbing mechanic opens up a new world of possibilities for our Sarcosuchus players, allowing you to trap prey between your jaws to make your ancient behemoth’s ambush attacks deadlier than ever before.


  • Dart and joust through the waves as our fast and agile new aquatic playable, the new Ichthyosaur and real-life leviathan from 180 million years ago. Take the reins of a creature from the depths of the sea with lethal speed and 11 abilities to compete against the Sarcosuchus, Spinosaurus, and Kaiwhekea!
  • Sarcosuchus the giant crocodilian can now drag prey underwater, many species can now carry prey in their mouths, raptors can pounce and latch onto enemies, while continuing to attack while latched! Thalassodromeus the pterosaur, can pick up small prey and carry it off!
  • Imagine a creature from the depths of the sea, a real-life leviathan from 180 million years ago. Meet the Eurhinosaurus: this beast was no small fry–it could reach up to a whopping 7 meters (23 ft) in length. This sea monster didn’t have gills like fish, but lungs for breathing, so keep that in mind while prowling the depths.
  • With the addition of Including the new Eurhino there are now 31 dinosaurs in the official game, 25 with new abilities, and a further 43 abilities added across the dinosaurs. With more than 400 abilities now available in Path of Titans, it’s getting serious!

Dynamic Music System

  • Listen to our completely new musical score! The soundtrack responds to your actions in game, and to the locales you enter and exit, and will transition seamlessly as you play, between calm sounds in your home cave, to high intensity cacophony of sound when you’re in a large brawl with multiple players, and everything in between.
  • Alongside these major features, you can also look forward to several new abilities across our roster of dinosaurs, and other quality of life updates!
More details

The complex and diverse combat update includes Pounce, Latch, Drag, and Carry and newly released Abilities which fundamentally expand the thrills of combat. Additionally, Shake Off counters, Area of Effect Attacks, Group Buffs and Debuffs, Solo Player Buffs, and Rapid Attacks all enter the fray. The Rock, Paper, Scissors of attacks and counters have been more than doubled, for 1 vs 1 encounters up through massive group melees.

  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Alderon Games / Alderon Games PR (01/11/2023)

Path of Titans – Ver. ??? (July Update)

  • Release date: July 8th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Combat Updates and New Abilities

The biggest new additions for this patch are new abilities and combat effects! This means many creatures are getting additional attacks such as kicks, stomps, group abilities, and passive abilities.

Some new abilities in this patch include:
  • Concavenator Ripping Kick: Lunge forward with talons, causing bleed damage.
  • Tyrannosaurus Deep Rumble: A vocal call that increases your defenses for a short time.
  • Lambeosaurus Front Kick: A front kick that can be used when running.
  • Kentrosaurus Lone Survivor: A passive effect that increases your armor and manoeuvrability when not in a group.
  • Iguanodon Back Kick: a rear kick that causes high damage.

There are many, many more abilities on the way to really make each creature stand out and carve its own gameplay style and niche.


Area-of-Effect attacks

Area-of-Effect attacks have been added to the game! These attacks will hit any enemies within a radius around you. Your dinosaur’s feet no longer have to hit your target in order to damage them, making aiming this attack much easier and more intuitive. This currently has been implemented on stomp attacks, such as for Albertaceratops and Amargasaurus, however more AoE attacks will be added to other dinosaurs in the future.


Anti-Cheat Updates

This patch we have implemented BattlEye Anti-Cheat into the game, replacing Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). This Anti-Cheat system will be enabled on all Official Servers, and will help prevent hackers and cheaters. BattlEye is an industry-standard Anti-Cheat and is used across a number of popular titles. For more information, you can visit the BattlEye website at

That being said, BattlEye are optional on private and community servers and it will be up to the server owner to decide if BattlEye is right for their community. Players can also choose to launch Path of Titans without BattlEye if they so choose via an option in the launcher’s settings menu. Using BattlEye allows us to focus solely on developing Path of Titans instead of spending our time trying to catch cheaters and manage players’ bans. This is the best way for players to have a cheater-free Path of Titans experience while also having great updates to play in the future.

Status Effect Changes
Stamina Changes

We have adjusted stamina values for all creatures so they are even across the board, but certain dinosaurs drain their stamina faster depending on their playstyle, attacks, running speeds, and regeneration rates. This change ensures that venom is now much more consistent across all creatures, which will make creatures that rely on venom, like Metriacanthosaurus and Megalania, have a much better time hunting their prey.

Adjustments to Bleed, Venom, and Bone Break

We have also made some changes to the way other status effects affect creatures. Previously, the weight of a dinosaur played a large role in determining how much bone break, venom, and bleed damage was inflicted on a defending dinosaur. We have adjusted this value so status effects are now more consistent across all creatures. This means creatures that can inflict status effects can better rely on their abilities to tackle larger, heavier opponents.

Map Updates

We have made some considerable updates to both the Gondwa and Panjura map. Both maps now feature more realistic textures, and Gondwa in particular now features a new Birch Forest biome. Additionally, certain areas on the map now also have different colour tinting and environmental effects, to really make them stand out!

Path of Titans – Ver. ???

  • Release date: February 16th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

**Major Updates:**

  • Updated concavenator mesh, subspecies, and animations
  • Updated ceratosaurus mesh, subspecies, and animations
  • Updated metriacanthosaurus mesh, subspecies, and animations


  • Fixed cave asset missing collision
  • Fixed various overlapping point of interest volumes
  • Duplicate quest data asset fixes
  • Various misc map bugs (Gondwa)
  • Placed several small caves in Gondwa
  • Adjusted self shade bias of all lous cave pieces to improve their appearance in medium and low shadow settings
  • Increased all quest mark rewards by 30% (Gondwa)
  • Added more caves to Gondwa
  • Added large cave system to savanah grasslands
  • Improved shadows on cave and clifflands meshes. Caves should no longer have light entering them through the walls. Cast shadows from caves and clifflands rocks should now be improved on low and medium shadow settings.
  • Added additional route up to homecave at huntersthicket
  • Fixed bigquilllake poi not including baby spawn zone
  • Added two small paths down from the baby spawn zone at bigquilllake so new players playing semi-aquatics have an easier time making it down to the water/rest of the questing zone
  • Fix for multiple group quests not having contribution enabled
  • Added solo and group quests to hotsprings and sandcaverns
  • Added additional flyer juvenile spawn points to Gondwa.
  • Attempted fix for desolate pass location marker being underground
  • Minor bug fixes Gondwa
  • Improved collision for volcano bay rock pillars.
  • Optimized coral area at the north west of Gondwa.
  • Improved rock texture on Gondwa on low settings.
  • Fixed self shadowing on panjura / Gondwa rocks.
  • Created red island water restore quest
  • Populated above lakes with salt rocks, clams, etc as needed for restore quests
  • Attempted fix for some water restore quests not working (Gondwa)
  • Added quests to red kelp, red reef, azure shore (Gondwa)
  • Fixed collision on banana tree


  • Fixed bars and anodonto rallying call ability stacking.
  • Pachycephalosaurus bug fixes
  • Fixed deinocheirus baby having extremely low oxygen.
  • Improved kaiwhekea oxygen.
  • Reduced swim speed of sarco and spino.
  • Fixed bone break sound/effects not playing on a killing hit
  • When a player kills another character, now only the killer character can collect a trophy on the same account
  • Fixed bone break sound playing at incorrect damage ratio
  • Updated conca bite animation. Increased conca speed.
  • Updated conca alert call.
  • Updated conca strafe/crouch anims.
  • Updated cerato strafe and crouch anims tofix sliding.
  • Fixed conca held item offset.
  • Improved controller navigation for home cave decoration menu.
  • Removed growth reward from meet up quests.
  • Fixed aquatics always move slightly up/down when swimming forward/backward.
  • Fixed a group of only flying dinosaurs leaving the hatchling cave will spawn at a land spawn point.
  • Fixed knockback cancelling swimming.
  • Fixed homecave buff stacking
  • Fixed rex receiving bone break on tail
  • Fix for incorrect hit effect locations

**General Fixes:**

  • Improved up/down swimming on deinocheirus, megalania, sarcosuchus, thalassodromeus, kaiwhekea, spinosaurus, suchomimus, and concavenator
  • Fixed kaiwhekea dropping items through ground on land
  • Fixed player pitch getting stuck when leaving the water.
  • Fixed alioramus animations resetting very quickly
  • Fixed certain thal and kai skins being unlocked by default.
  • Fixed spino’s arms sinking into the ground during resting emotes
  • Fixes to tutorial quests getting stuck in certain scenarios
  • Memory improvements
  • Made surface swimming particle effects smaller.
  • Added splash effect when breaching.
  • Updated kaiwhekea mobile model to improve the neck when bending.
  • Fixed some dinosaurs always respawning at the same location.
  • Fixed growth resetting in some circumstances.
  • Fixed characters not having a landing sound.
  • Aquatics now interrupt their roar when diving and roaring.
  • Fixed carnivores not getting an icon over burrows when hungry
  • Fix to keybindings not working when an interaction prompt is open if bound to the same key as an interaction key
  • Fixed dinosaurs briefly playing the falling animation when exiting water.
  • Changed the diet type of the catch fish quests to carnivore so that aquatic herbivores don’t get the quest to catch fish
  • Fixed dup keybind on unassigned control.
  • Reach distance now scales based on growth stage.
  • Redisland quest enabled for aquatics quest tag
  • Azureshore, hotsprings, and sandcaverns solo and group loc quests added
  • Oceanstacks and redreef solo loc quests added.
  • Increase start flying momentum to prevent thal double jump to flight while idle
  • Fixed keybind warning not showing in game.
  • Fix for being unable to start auto run if focusing an object and autorun is bound to the same as collect
  • Fixed land dinos spawn at flyer spawn points exiting the tutorial cave when grouped with a flying dino leader.
  • Fixed dinos can now eat while swimming, ui prompt shows while swimming
  • Animation fix for lamb and eotrike.
  • Bug fixes for thal use distance
  • Fixed camera collision on food items managed by food manager.
  • Added quests for volcano bay and bleached corals poi
  • Swimming fixes for megalania and concav
  • Fixed bug causing fish to be attempted to be picked up via attack while an item is held
  • When teleporting to water, the location will be at the water’s surface rather than above it
  • Fix for wrong animations when swimming up and down without following camera (meg and conca)
  • Fix item going to 0,0 if dropped while moving from water to land
  • Food manager crash fixes
  • Improved memory optimization on mobile to reduce crashes
  • Added in first version of random game hints system in escape menu.
  • Updated lods on metri and cerato models.
  • Fix to mound texture tiling.
  • Critter meat pickup fix
  • Fix for some abilities not resetting tracing data if their montage lasts longer than the ability
  • Small changes to help ability activation rejected from lag/packet loss
  • Increased consistency for resting while underwater.
  • Always show sleep button while sleeping on mobile (prevent player from being locked in a sleeping state).
  • Food items / quest items now have a manager which makes them more memory optimized (needs testing for regressions)
  • Fixed marks not being clamped/overflow detection with chat commands /setmarks, /setmarksall, /addmarks, /removemarks
  • Fix for rockfall hill water replenish quest not being handed out
  • Fixed misspelling of anemone
  • Minor map bug fixes for Gondwa
  • Fix thalassodromeus spring arm location being in too far in front of the model. Now camera behaves correctly when walking into interactable.
  • Fixed up/down anims not playing when swimming with up/down buttons
  • Fixed character repeatedly leaving the water bug
  • Fixed kaiwhekea having incorrect eating animation on land.
  • Fixed: lambeosaurus animation skip walk bug
  • Memory optimizations for characters, skins, icons etc
  • Misc animation / movement fixes for sarco and eotrike
  • Fix for precise swimming regression
  • Fixed: deinocheirus ik not working
  • Fixed: ghost / phantom damage bug,
  • Kai swimming precise movement no longer prevents movement from following camera
  • Fixed: thalassodromeus not playing flapping animation + implementation of a simple aerobrake system for when thal is moving fast while flying and decelerates using precise movement
  • Added resting tutorial step to aquatic
  • Slightly adjusted some aquatic tutorial text to make more sense
  • Fix for crash when loading invalid skin data. Skin data will be changed to first default skin data if not valid
  • Fixed: hatchling laten precise movement forward plays animation extremely fast
  • Attempted fix for water restoration quests not being handed out at: white cliffs, crater pond, red island, tried falls, rockfall hill, tyrants gorge
  • Fixed various group quests being assigned to solo players
  • Fix for missing coral rock collision
  • Reduced lakeweed quest collection amounts solo and group to be similar to other collection quests
  • Fixed: hatchling sarco trot animation has broken leg
  • Fixed thal jungle skin green options being too saturated and appearing transparent in character editor
  • Added a particle data for edible items to use that while eating, rather than spawning the blood particle in the animation to fix
  • Lambeo hill climb issue fix
  • Changed swimming precise movement correction from applying for swimming->falling to only swimming->walking, will fix issue with precise movement inverting when momentarily leaving the water surface
  • Lambeo ik on hills fix
  • Swimming anim changes
  • Added back in up/down function for swimming for thal
  • Fix for water sticky surface no longer sticking aquatic/semi-aquatic dinos now the way to descend is using the swim down key bind / mobile swim down widget
  • Updated metri’s locomotion animations, mesh and textures
  • Refactored and improved marks clamping code, /addmarks and /removemarks now report the new marks value in chat window.
  • Fixed swim strafing on surface of water
  • Fix to swimming on surface of water
  • Fix for being unable to move after cancelling leaving a homecave on mobile
  • Fixed: single player host settings localization, default values and fixed many of them not working at all
  • Fixed: kaiwhekea has incorrect eating animation on land
  • Stop eating food if it is dropped (ex. If a player bites).
  • Stop precise moving when opening home cave invite/escape menus.
  • Added new mod download error message that shows details on which mod failed installing.
  • Fixed: hatchling sarco trot animation has broken leg
  • Fixed walking in place issue with new locomotion state (sarco)
  • Fixed issue with command response formatting on consoles causing major lag for some commands
  • Fixed kai barrel roll cancelling instantly if the ability charging mode is set to hold
  • Fixed some plants having collision in herbi tutorial cave
  • Added a warning in the main menu if the player had duplicate keybinds.
  • Fixed: issues with target focus distance in interaction system
  • Fixed: duplicate inputs can be bound in the secondary and gamepad columns by closing settings and going back.
  • Bug fixes with game asset manager / loading
  • Fixed kai is unable to pickup meat chunks from corpses under water.
  • Changed the way the device memory warning works to show it more accurately.
  • Fixed kaiwhekea vocal animations cancelling locomotion animations completely
  • Fix for quest marks multiplier not being reflected in the notification
  • Fix for critters occasionally becoming not interactable
  • Server performance optimizations
  • Prevent vocal wheel opening when interacting with an object if the keys are bound the same
  • Fix for kaiwhekea getting the drink prompt and ability to drink while on land no longer gets the prompt to drink water.
  • Added: warning for pc and mobile devices that have low memory and may encounter memory crashes.
  • Fixed eating while swimming for styraco and metri

**Server Admins:**

  • Fixed occasionally falling through map on teleporting in singleplayer
  • Improvements to teleporting around water for aquatics and also using water as a fallback for non-aquatics if no land can be found
  • Fix for unsafe teleport not working for rcon
  • Teleport bug fixes
  • Adding marks no longer overflows over the mark cap
  • Fixed don’t allow server muted players to post searching for party messages or open party messages.
  • Fixed issue with /demote crashing when no player was provided as a second argument

Path of Titans – Ver. ??? (Gondwa Update)

  • Release date: December 7th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • adds a new dinosaur: Thalassodromeus
    • The first flying creature is here, the Thalassodromeus. This flying reptile is well suited for soaring the skies of Gondwa. Your hatchling Thalassodromeus will begin on the cliff faces of Gondwa, perfect for your first flying lesson. Take to the air and dive down to gain momentum and soar your way onto land to being your first quests and grow to be the largest thing in the skies! Thalassodromeus is adept in the water as well. Using hot air columns, it can rise high into the skies, then dive down into the sea to catch fish to eat. Be on the lookout for floating ocean debris, as fish often like to gather around them.
  • adds a new dinosaur: Kaiwhekea
    • Also found in the oceans is the first fully aquatic creature Kaiwhekea. Paddle around the waters of Gondwa to explore new and unique biomes. Kaiwhekea has a unique ability that allows it to breach out of the water to catch a breath, much like dolphins in the modern day. It can also dart forward to catch fish or escape predators, even barrel-rolling into its enemies for damage and mayhem. Be sure to try out both these new creatures today!
  • adds a new map: Gondwa
    • The new island map Gondwa is finally here! Join any Gondwa map by selecting it when entering Matchmaking! Please note: currently you cannot transfer your characters from Panjura to Gondwa, however we plan on adding this in the future. For now, your characters are separate between Gondwa and Panjura. Additionally, flyers and swimmers currently are only enabled on Gondwa. On community servers, characters can be freely transferred between both Panjura and Gondwa, however there may be a handful of bugs in doing so. We will work on updates and improvements to this sytem as we work on bug fixes.

Path of Titans – Ver. ???

  • Release date: November 4th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • adds a new dinosaur: Pycnonemosaurus
    • Pycnonemosaurus is known to be larger than even the Carnotaurus and joins the roster as the seventeenth stretch goal from the original Path of Titans crowdfunding campaign. Pycno is an apex carnivore from Brazil.
  • adds a new dinosaur: Pachycephalosaurus
    • You will discover each subspecies resembles the speculated growth stages of Pachy, each resembling Dracorex, Stygymoloch, or the classic dome headed look! It’s been long thought that the domed head was used for full speed headbutting similar to rams, so it’s been added to the game as both an offensive weapon and escape mechanism. Or just to knock your foes over cliffs for fun.
  • adds a new combat skill type
    • Both new dinosaurs have a charge attack with knockback as a secondary effect, adding a new combat skill type to the game! Being such a large predator Pycno can ram nearly anyone, but the smaller Pachy will have to pick and choose who gets the horns in a fight, or to hold in reserve for flight.

Path of Titans – Ver. ???

  • Release date: November 4th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • provides various bug fixes

Path of Titans – Ver. 1.0.2

  • Release date: September 8th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • brings the Nintendo Switch version to parity with other platforms
  • enables cross-platform play
  • adds support for mods, with modders currently working to update their mods

How to download updates for Path of Titans for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Path of Titans, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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