Nintendo news (Dec. 20): Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit theme on LINE / NES wood carvings

Today’s Nintendo news: a Super Mario Bros. 8-bit theme now available on LINE, but also…

  • NES wood carvings

Super Mario Bros.

In the past, Nintendo released several sets of stickers on LINE (a messaging app that’s extremely popular in Japan), but also a theme (for Animal Crossing). Those completely change the appearance and the app, allowing users to customise it even further.

And today, in the wake of the Super Mario Run launch on iOS, Nintendo released a second theme for LINE, this time for Super Mario Bros. Called Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit Theme, it can be bought from the LINE store. It costs:

  • 360 Yen
  • 2.99€
  • $2.99
  • £2.29

Here’s some pictures for that LINE Theme:

NES carvings

Spitfire Labs is a company that makes high quality Laser engraved wood art pieces, based on TV series, movies, video games, folklore, mythology, and pop culture.

They made some carvings for some NES games, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Contra, or even The Legend of Zelda. What’s interesting and impressive about those carvings is not just the artwork itself, but also the shape of the carving (meant to look like an actual NES controller or game cartridge).

Here’s some pictures:


Source: Spitfire Labs
Via: miki800



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