Nintendo news (Dec. 1): Super Mario Christmas stamps / Wii Karaoke U (Japan)

Today’s Nintendo news: some Super Mario stamps for Christmas (in Germany), but also…

  • Wii Karaoke U (Japan)
  • Wii U Premium Pack (Australia)
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo
  • Yo-kai Watch
  • Nintendo 3DS games recommendations

Super Mario Christmas stamps

Are you looking for some really sweet stamps for your holiday wishes cards? Are you a collector and/or a fan of Mario and co.? If yes, then the Deutsche Post has just the right thing for you… a set of a Super Mario Christmas stamps!

Here’s what they look like:

Source: Deutsche Post

Wii Karaoke U (Japan)

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a special Holiday promotion for Wii Karaoke U in Japan. The first one is for those who would like to try out the service without paying: you will not need a ticket to use it between 10AM and 5.59PM JST on December 3rd.

Also, some special holiday tickets will go on sale from December 3rd (and until January 3rd)

  • 30 days ticket (new users only): 500 Yen
  • 32 days ticket: 1 000 Yen (+ 2 days compared to regular ticket)
  • 64 days ticket: 1 500 Yen
  • 96 days ticket: 2 000 Yen (+ 6 days compared to the regular ticket)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Nintendo is planning to have a similar promotion in Europe…

Source: Nintendo

Wii U Premium Pack (Australia)

Here’s a commercial for the Mario Kart 8 x Super Mario Bros. for Wii U Premium Pack, now available in Australia:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo

Here’s some preview pages for the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo Guide Book by Famitsu, released yesterday in Japan:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo (3DS) comes out at retail tomorrow in North America.

Source: Famitsu

Yo-kai Watch

Today is December 1st, which means the time for Advent Calendar has come. You will find the one for Yo-kai Watch on this page!

Nintendo 3DS games recommendations

Yesterday, Nintendo posted lists of recommended Nintendo games for Christmas:

For girls

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon
  • Miitopia
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo
  • Mario Party: Star Rush
  • Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki
  • PriPara: Mesameyo! Megami no Dress Design
  • Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal

For boys

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon
  • Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
  • Miitopia
  • Momotaro Dentetsu 2017: Tachiagare Nippon!!
  • Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki
  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Heroes

Source: Nintendo (1 / 2)



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