[Update] Nintendo: unofficial 3DS charger (with USB port) listed on NZ retailer website

Update: it turns out the charger is not official after all (despite the retailer listing Nintendo as the publisher), though it is compatible with the NES Mini!


MightyApe is an online retailer based in New Zealand, who “leaked” three new New Nintendo 3DS bundles (properly announced by Nintendo today, we’ll have a separate post about that in a few minutes!). And recently, they added a rather intriguing listing for a “3DS AC Adaptor with USB port”.

According to the product page, that 3ds charger is made of two parts:

  • the wall plug
  • a separate 3DS charge cable that inserts into the plug via a USB input

And perhaps even more interestingly, that adaptor is said to be compatible with the “NES Console”. Obviously, this is in reference to the NES Mini, as there’s no way you’re going to power an original NES via USB unless you mod it. Considering the NES Mini doesn’t come with an AC Adaptor in Europe, it would make sense for Nintendo to release one separately.

Obviously, you can already find cables that allows you to charge your Nintendo 3DS via USB (it was already possible on Nintendo DS), but for this one, Nintendo is clearly designated as the publisher (making this adaptor the first official USB charging cable for the Nintendo 3DS).

According to MightyApe, this “3DS AC Adaptor with USB port” will be released sometime in September in New Zealand (and Australia), for $13.99. Naturally, until Nintendo makes a proper announcement, you should take this listing with the usual grain of salt (especially the tidbit about the 3DS charger being compatible with NES Mini)!

Source: MightyApe


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