Nintendo JP News (Nov. 21): Nintendo Present Software Catalogue / Hanafuda

Today’s Nintendo Japanese news: the Nintendo Present Software Catalogue offer now available on, but also…

  • Nintendo Hanafuda workshop
  • Fire Emblem 0

Nintendo Software Catalogue

Just like last year, the Nintendo Present Software Catalogue is released as an eBook for Kindle (also available physically in stores). As the name implies, it’s a catalogue with all the (major) games games Nintendo is showcasing for the holiday period. There’s two versions:

Naturally, the “eBook” is available for of charge, and just like last time, there’s a special offer. If you download the catalogue, you can get a discount coupon to be used on Amazon:

  • 200 Yen off physical games
  • 300 Yen off digital games

The offer runs until January 9th, and the discount coupon has to be used before January 31st.

Source: Famitsu

Nintendo Hanafuda workshop

Today, Nintendo announced that the third Hanafuda workshop (where participants can learn to play this traditional card game, using the Mario Hanafuda sets) would take place on December 15th from 6.30PM to 8PM, at the NicoNico Headquarters. This time around, the workshop will be streamed live on NicoNico, so that even those who cannot attend in person will be able to check it out.

Source: Famitsu

Fire Emblem 0

Today, Intelligent Systems shared pictures of the clear files given as free gift for all fans purchasing at least 8 packs of Fire Emblem 0 cards from December 8th (when the 7th series launches):

Source: Intelligent Systems



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