Nintendo: gameplay footage for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE / MP Federation Force

Genei Ibun Roku #FELast week, during PAX East 2016, the press was invited to a private press event. There, they had the opportunity to try out several upcoming Nintendo games on Wii U and Nintendo, but also record direct-feed gameplay footage.

The games playable at this event were:

  • Kirby: Planet Robobot (and Kirby Team Clash, the multiplayer mode): click here!
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Here’s a playlist with several gameplay videos for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (but also a preview):

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) comes out on June 24th in Europe and North America. It will get a Limited Edition in both regions.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Here’s a playlist with some gameplay videos for Metroid Prime: Federation Force (just one for now, but more will be added soon):

Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS) is coming out on August 19th in North America, August 25th in Japan, and September 2nd in Europe.


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