Nintendo eShop news (March 31st): Nicalis games + Gunvolt themes in Europe, and more


Yesterday, Nicalis posted a short message on Twitter, in order to announce that they were brining three different games to the European Nintendo eShop by this Summer:

– 1001 Spikes
– Grinsia
– a mystery game

More information should be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Source: Nicalis

Azure Striker Gunvolt

This week, Inti Create is going to announce the release date for Azure Striker Gunvolt in Europe and Australia / New Zealand (which is rumoured to be April 2nd, as per an eShop listing). And today, they confirmed that the three 3DS themes released a few weeks ago in Japan and North America would launch alongside the game in Europe and Australia. They didn’t say whether players would get a free theme for buying the game or not.    

More information will be revealed later this week.

Source: Inti Creates

Witch & Hero

Witch & Hero is a rather simply but quite addictive Action-RPG on the Nintendo eShop (3DS). The game seems quite successful, as Circle Entertainement (the publisher in Europe and North America) just announced that total downloads for the demo have just passed 1 million worldwide. Most of those come from Japan (55%), with “only” 45% from North America and Europe.

Of course, demo downloads don’t necessarily translate into sales. However, this does show that the game managed to grab the attention of quite a lot of players!

Source: Circle Entertainement


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