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Legend of Kay Anniversary: screenshots and details

A couple of months ago, started listing Legend of Kay Anniversary for the Wii U (along with the PlayStation 4 and PC). Today, the product page was updated with some screenshots and details about the game (though those are mostly technical). For starters, it confirms that the game will have “high resolution textures”: character models and environments are more detailed, and the game uses “modern rendering techniques”.

As for the cutscenes, they are now rendered in HD. The game itself runs at 60 frames per second (and apparently, at 720p), and features 25 different levels, 15 enemy types and some boss battles. As for battles, players can chose between three kinds of weapons (sword / hammer / claws), each with its own combat style.

What’s more, this Anniversary version of the game gets a brand new UI, achievements, leaderboards, and more (like mini-games such as wild boar racing, dragon flying and wolf riding).

Here’s the screenshots for Legend of Kay Anniversary:

Legend of Kay Anniversary (Wii U) comes out on May 29th in Europe and North America.

Source: Amazon
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