Nintendo Creators Program: Nintendo sending out invites for E3

E3 2015 starts in less than two weeks (on June 16th), and just like most years, it’s only open to journalists, analysts, retailers or members of the industry. The only way for the general public to attend is to buy one of the (very) expensive passes or get a special invite from a publisher (via contests online).

And this year, Nintendo has decided to invite some people to E3… but not just anybody! The company has chosen to invite some of the people who registered to their Nintendo Creator Program (a special program meant to share the advertising revenue generated by Nintendo-related video on YouTube).

One Linkums on Reddit receive the following email from Nintendo, yesterday:

At the moment, it’s unknown just how widespread those invitations are… Is Nintendo sending them out to all members of the Nintendo Creators Program, or just the “best” (most popular) ones? Since Linkums (the person who receive the mail above) only has over 500 subscribers, it does look like Nintendo isn’t only inviting the likes of iJustine and co…

Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t made an official announcement about this (yet?).

Source: Reddit



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