[N-Direct] Drancia Saga (3DS): details, trailer + western release

Drancia Saga is an old-school, 2D action RPG released on the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS on Thursday, following the Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation. It’s a collaboration title between Skipmore and Flyhigh Works, featuring quite a lot of guest characters from various indie games.

But first, let’s talk about the gameplay, which is simple but pretty effective. You can move left or right, and the only actions you can perform is jumping or dashing. Your goal is to kill all the enemies that gradually appear on the screen, while chaining as many of them as possible for some bonuses.

When killed, enemies drop some coins and treasures. Those can be used to purchase some items (for example), including a potion that will bring you back to life should you fall in battle. There’s also skills your characters can use in battle, as you can see in the trailer below. Talking of characters, there’s several of them you can play with, and they all have their own stats.

As mentioned above, this title is a collaboration effort between Skipmore and Flyhigh Works. You can actually chose to play as characters from several of their games:

  • Brunch Panic
  • Urban Trial Freestyle
  • 2 Fast 4 Gnomes
  • Harvest December
  • Fairune
  • The Legend of Dark Witch
  • Gunman Clive
  • Witch & Hero

Here’s the trailer for the game:

If Drancia Saga has caught your interest, you’re in luck:

  • if you have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, you can already get it for 500 Yen from the Nintendo eShop
  • if you don’t, no need to worry: Circle Ent. (who has been publishing the various Flyhigh Works games outside Japan) will bring the game to Europe and North America before the end of the year!



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