My Nintendo: new rewards for Miitomo to be added tomorrow

my-nintendoToday is the last day for several Mobile, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS Rewards on My Nintendo in Europe, Japan, and North America. Naturally, that means that a fresh batch of new Rewards will be added tomorrow, and thanks to the Japanese newletter, we already know about some of the rewards that will be added.

The three rewards revealed today are all for Miitomo: three exclusive clothing items that shouldn’t be available for purchase in the Miitomo Shop, or as a prize in Miitomo Drop. One of them is a SNES Controller, which should please those of you who got the SNES hoodie (you can still get it until tomorrow!).

Here’s the three My Nintendo rewards revealed today for Miitomo:

[Miitomo] Star Outfit (Miitomo): 200 Platinum Coins
[Miitomo] Animal Slippers (Miitomo): 200 Platinum Coins
[Miitomo] Super Famicom / SNES T-Shirt (Miitomo): 200 Platinum Coins

Miitomo JPRight now, we don’t know if Europe and/or North America will also get those rewards tomorrow. That being said, since Miitomo Rewards have (so far) all been the same worldwide, we can assume all regions will get those three new rewards. Also, we don’t know if any other Rewards will be added tomorrow, but we will have a dedicated post for the My Nintendo update, so stay tuned!

Source: Nintendo Newsletter



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