Monster Hunter X: another collaboration, more screenshots

Monster Hunter XCoroCoro magazine came out last week in Japan, and revealed that Monster Hunter X would get yet another collaboration. This time, it’s with a manga: ZoZoZo Zombie-kun, which happens to be published in… CoroCoro magazine! It will allow players to get a special Palico to accompany them on their quests.

Here’s a picture of the Palico:

Capcom also revealed plenty of additional screenshots for the game, with a couple of artworks:

Finally, Capcom revealed another Web commercial for Monster Hunter Diary Poka-Poka Airou Village DX, which came out in September in Japan. If you have a save data for this game on your SD Card, you will be able to unlock some bonuses in Monster Hunter X!

Here’s the commercial:

Monster Hunter X (3DS) comes out on November 28th.

Source: 4Gamer.net


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