Monster Hunter Stories: gameplay videos, TGS 2016 plans, more

Tokyo Game Show 2016

Today, Capcom opened its special website for the Tokyo Game Show 2016, which will take place next month in Japan. Monster Hunter Stories, which was already showcased during that same tradeshow last year, will be back with the following:

  • playable demo (on both Capcom’s booth, and the family area)
  • usual stage presentations
  • livestreams

The game will also be showcased during the Capcom TV presentations, which will be livestreamed from:

  • Europe: 1PM (September 15th), 3AM to 10AM (September 17th and 18th)
  • UK: 12PM (September 15th), 2AM to 9AM (September 17th and 18th)
  • North America (EST): 7AM (September 15th), 9PM to 4AM (September 16th to 18th)
  • North America (PST): 4AM (September 15th), 6PM to 1AM (September 16th to 18th)
  • Japan: 8PM (September 15th), 10AM to 5PM (September 17th and 18th)

Gameplay footage

Today, Capcom uploaded the second showcase video for Monster Hunter Stories, featuring Satoshi Inoue (Director) and Ryozo Fujimoto. In this one, we get to see the traditional ceremony (which allows you to transfer skills/abilities from an Otomon to another), some sidequests, and finally a bit of the story.

Here’s the video:

If you want more gameplay footage, no problem! Here’s the full recording of last week’s episode of Capcom TV, with the Monster Hunter Stories segment (with footage) starting at 2:07:22!


Finally, here’s pictures of a special Monster Hunter Club collaboration costume (details on how to get them will be revealed at a later date):

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.




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