Monster Hunter Stories: details + screens for latest DLC (inc. Zelda collab), guidebook, more

Update: for more details about the DLC for Monster Hunter Stories in Europe and North America, click here!

Monster Hunter Stories – Latest DLC

Today, some new DLC for Monster Hunter Stories went live. First, we have the re-run of the first part of the Legend of Zelda collaboration, which was previously available only at 7-Eleven stores. The contents are the same:

  • Special Rules: The Legend of Zelda (Max rank: ★5). Winning battles allows you to get tickets for a special production quest, so that you can craft the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield;
  • Special tournament: if you manage to win, you will get Link’s tunic as a reward (but only the first time around);
  • Special background for your Rider card;
  • Special titles: Master Sword, Triforce, Zelda, Legend, Link, Hyrule.

And starting tomorrow, there will be some more Monster Hunter X (Generations) DLC, with the following:

  • special rules: Monster Hunter X. If you manage to win, you will get egg pieces for a special Hellbade Glavenus as Otomon.
  • a set of stickers for multiplayer chat

There will also be some special Sub-Quests:

  • Sub-Quest #1 (Rank: ★5): allows you to get the Monster Hunter Club uniform;
  • Sub-Quest #2 (Rank: ★7): allows you to battle against the Seregios.

But that’s not all… On December 30th and January 1st, two Sub-Quests will be delivered to players:

  • December 30th: if you complete this Sub-Quest (Rank: ★7), you will get the Molten Tigrex as an Otomon, and armour based on that monster;
  • January 1st: a special quest involving the Yian Garuga (Rank: ★7)

Source: Gamer (1 / 2)

Monster Hunter Stories: Otomon Encyclopedia

Also, today, Famitsu released the Monster Hunter Stories: Otomon Zukan (lit. Monster Hunter Stories: Otomon Encylcopedia). It’s basically a guidebook entirely dedicated to the Otomon: it lists all their attacks/skills, various other details about them (including their eggs), and a lot more.

Here’s the cover and some preview pages:

Source: Famitsu

Monster Hunter Stories – Christmas / New Year cards

Looking for some cool Christmas and New Year cards? Capcom got you covered: click here to check out the Monster Hunter Stories Christmas and New Year cards, but also Otodoshimada-bukuro (box/pouch kids put the money they receive on New Year’s Day in Japan)!



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