Miitomo: new Miifoto event launched for Christmas, in-game presents to be distributed

Today, Nintendo launched the second global Miifoto event for Miitomo, and as you probably saw it coming, it’s all about Christmas. This time around, players have to make a “fantastically festive” Christmas card using Miifoto. But unlike the previous Miifoto events, there’s actually something to win for once!

This Miifoto event runs from today (December 14th) to December 21st (December 20th for North America, due to timezones), and depending on the number of Miifotos shared by players, some in-game items will be distributed.

Here’s the items you can get:

  • 100 Miifotos: Christmas Tree Brooch
  • 300 Miifotos: Christmas Socks
  • 600 Miifotos: game ticket x 2
  • 1000 Miifotos: game ticket x 2

The in-game items will be available in Miitomo from December 24th to December 26th (December 25th in North America, due to timezones).

But that’s not all: Nintendo will also pick up 10 (or more) Miifotos, and display them on the official website. The Miifotos to be displayed will be chosen “based on skill, artistic expression, originality and creativity”.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • In the Miitomo app, select Menu then Miifoto, and select the Miifoto you want to enter the contest with and post it to Twitter.
  • When posting to Twitter, you must add this event’s Miifoto hashtag (#Miitomo_Greetings). (For example: #Miitomo #Miifoto #Miitomo_Greetings)

Note: Miifotos posted by any means other than Miitomo are not eligible to enter the contest.

Want to submit several Miifotos? No problem: you’re free to submit as many as you want!

Source: Nintendo


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