Blaster Master Zero getting Ver. 1.3 update, adds two new EX Characters (Shantae, Shovel Knight)

Yesterday, on the last day of the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Inti Creates made a pretty major announcement for Blaster Master Zero. The game is getting a new update tomorrow (July 6th), bringing it to Ver. 1.3. This update will add not one, but two new EX Characters (though one will only be available in August).

The two new EX Characters are actually guest characters from two famous indie games/series:

  • Shantae, from the Shantae series. Releasing on July 6th;

The 1/2 hero star of the ‘Shantae’ series joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Fascinate the mutant hordes with the power of magic and fancy dances!

  • Shovel Knight, from Shovel Knight. Releasing on August 3rd;

The master of the Shovel Blade joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Steel thy shovel and dig your way through the depths of the planet!

Just like the first two, those new EX Characters for Blaster Master Zero will be free for two weeks after launch. Here’s the schedule:

  • EX Character: Shantae – July 6th to July 19th
  • EX Character: Shovel Knight – August 3rd to August 16th

The extra characters will cost 1.99€ / £1.79 / $1.99 once the free period is over. And once again, a reminder: those extra characters are not reskins of those from the base game. They actually come with their own set of skills / abilities, providing you with a completely different gameplay experience.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for that update and DLC:

Inti Creates also confirm they’re not done with Blaster Master Zero, implying that even more EX Characters are coming in upcoming months.

For more details about Software updates for Blaster Master Zero, click here!

Source: Inti Creates



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