Megaton Musashi to get a booth at the Jump Festa 2017

Revealed during the Level-5 Vision 2016 event, in July, Megaton Musashi is the latest cross-media project from Level-5. It will be launched in 2017, but it’s not clear on which platforms (though we saw concept-images featuring a New Nintendo 3DS XL console during the presentation). In fact, there’s not a lot we know about the game, though you can get up to speed on what we do know in this post.

And while it’s definitely too early for Level-5 to show anything more about the game, it was announced today that Megaton Musashi would get a booth at the Jump Festa 2017 next week. No, the game will not be playable there, but visitors will be able to check out the Musashi statue on display there.

There, they will also be able to read an exclusive full-colour manga (that they will receive as a gift for checking out the booth), check out a range of toys from Bandai (still a work in progress), and more. They will even be able to watch the Pilot Anime (again), if they want. Thanks to this booth, visitors will be able to get a preview of the whole Megaton Musashi universe.

Here’s a concept-picture of the Megaton Musashi booth at Jump Festa 2017:

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely anything significant will be announced at the show, especially regarding the video game. And if you’re wondering why Level-5 is having a Megaton Musashi booth at the Jump Festa, it’s because the cross-media project is a collaboration with the Weekly Jump Magazine.

Megaton Musashi will launch sometime in 2017.

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