Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection – Latest details, pictures, videos

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection comes out on April 14th worldwide, and includes all the numbered entries in the Mega Man Battle Network series (including the multiple versions of games). And in the weeks and months leading to launch, Capcom are planning to share various details, pictures and videos for the game.

In this post, you will find all the latest details, pictures, and videos shared by Capcom in one place. It will be updated as soon as new content is shared, so keep checking back!

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos shared so far:

April 13th

Tensuke Takumi is a 68-year old man, and a traditional craftsman who makes spinning tops. His craft is considered an intangible cultural heritage. He is the oldest NetBattler to take part in the Den Battle/City Battle Tournament. He started a NetBattle with his grandchildren in order to reconcile them. He’s a stubborn man who hates to be treated like an old geezer.

TopMan.EXE is Tensuke Takumi’s NetNavi and tea drinking buddy. Just like his navigator, he’s stubborn and hates to be treated like an old geezer. The stick in his hand turns into a string during battle; it then wraps itself around his body, and allows him to start rotating at high speed.

April 11th

Terry Jomon is a 19-year-old young man taking part in the Den Battle/City Battle Tournament. He’s the grandson of the Chief of JomonElec, a major consumer electronics manufacturer. He’s spoiled and selfish. He majored in robotics at university, and promised that if he won the tournament, his grandfather would fund the establishment of a robot research institute there.

SparkMan.EXE is Terry Jomon’s NetNavi. An insidious NetNavi with a cruel personality. Ever the sadist, his hobby consists in torturing then deleting his opponents after making them sick with the power of electricity.

April 10th

Capcom has announced that the “Bass Cross MegaMan” Modification Card, which was originally distributed to people who went to see the Rockman EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program movie in theatres in Japan, will be included in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

Also, we have details about some more characters and NetNavi:

  • Serenade.EXE: the UnderKing (King of the Undernet), rumoured to be the strongest in the cyberworld. They possess a gentle heart, and preach compassion.
  • Shuko Kido: a 14-year-old girl, and AquaMan.EXE’s operator. She participates in tournaments. She is plagued by bad luck: dropping money, being chased by dogs, etc. Her life is filled with such minor misfortunes.
  • AquaMan.EXE: Suko Kido’s NetNavi. He’s in charge of anything related to water (such as cooking or washing) for the Kido family (who really do not swim in money). NetBattles really isn’t his forte, but he still tries his best in tournaments for Shuko Kido, his operator.

Finally, here’s some more details for Dex Oyama and GutsMan.EXE:

Dex Oyama and GutsMan.EXE form an unbreakable team, with Dex regularly challenging Lan to NetBattles. GutsMan, for his part, uses pure strength to power through anything in his way, guts!

April 6th

DarkMan.EXE is assassin who works in the shadows. Want a NetNavi deleted? DarkMan.EXE is your man NetNavi. Ever since he experienced defeat at the hand of Serenade, the UnderKing (King of the UnderNet), he’s become obsessed with defeating them. DarkMan.EXE is a ruthless NetNavi who has no qualms about deleting his opponents.

JapanMan.EXE is known as the best spearman in the cyberworld. He looks just like a warlord from the Sengoku era. After his defeat at the hand of Serenade, the UnderKing, he pledged allegiance to them.

April 5th

The Battle Chips from Mega Man Battle Network 1 to 6 that were distributed at various events in Japan can be used in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. You can load them from the Mega Man section of the subscreen during gameplay.

Also, the collection includes all 499 Modification Cards, which can be used in online play in Mega Man Battle Network 4, 5, and 6 (with the option not to use them, if you prefer).

In the original games, the cards needed to be read using the eReader accessory. Naturally, you don’t need it on Nintendo Switch: you can “read” the cards directly from the Mega Man section of the subscreen.

Finally, here’s a character profile for Eugene Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE:

Eugene Chaud and his NetNavi, ProtoMan.EXE, are friendly rivals of Lan and MegaMan.EXE. The two have formed a strong bond thanks to intense daily training. However, Chaud’s serious and focused nature also causes him to isolate himself from others.

April 4th

DrillMan.EXE is an autonomous NetNavi. He has the ability to open holes in the cyberspace. While he does have a ferocious side (he enjoys sabotage activities a great deal), he also has a caring side: he takes care of BubbleMan.EXE (his cousin and fellow autonomous NetNavi).

BowlMan.EXE is an autonomous NetNavi, and one of the strongest on the Undernet. A power-type NetNavi who mows down opponents with bowling-inspired tactics. He has a bold personality, and don’t mind the small stuff. With him, everything is about bowling.

April 3rd

Anetta is an honest, innocent, nature-loving girl from a southern country. PlantMan.EXE, her NetNavi, was given to her by Wily.

Speaking of PlantMan.EXE, he’s a member of WWW (World Three). Despite being Anetta’s NetNavi, he only acts according to Wily’s orders. He may look polite and gentle on the surface, but he carries out Wily’s orders faithfully, without showing his emotions.

Mr. Match is a member of the original WWW, and after the Gospel incident, he fell into a depression, unable to find anything exciting in his daily life. And so, he went back to working for the WWW.

FlameMan.EXE is Mr Match’s NetNavi. A fire-based NetNavi who uses the flames that blows out from his body to burn everything. Among all the NetNavi Mr. Match has ever used, FlameMan.EXE is the most powerful.

Also, in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, the Title Selection and Gallery screens are modeled after the PET screen from the games. Those are displayed in 3D, with voice acting. You can see a demonstration in the video below!

Finally, here’s some additional details:

Battle Chip

Even the best operators can make mistakes! Sometimes whiffing an attack with a Battle Chip can create new virus busting opportunities.


When you’re busting viruses, there’s nothing like a soothing candle to help you relax and recover HP, just like in real life. Makes you wonder what scent it is…

S Rank

Veteran Operators know that the key to virus busting is speed and efficient Battle Chip use! The elusive S Rank can earn you some of the best rewards from battles if you have the skills to earn it.

And here’s some more footage for the game:

March 30th

Noboru Sunayama is a television producer in charge of Programs at DNN (DenCity News Network), a TV Station located on Beach Street, in Den City. He used to be a talented Director who produced shows with high ratings, but in recent times, he’s been struggling to get good ratings due to other TV stations stealing his stories, and his running out of inspiration.

DesertMan.EXE is Noboru Sunayama’s NetNavi. His body is entirely made of cyberstand, and he can change his appearance at will. At the N1 Grand Prix, he appears as a regular NetNavi. Anyone who dares oppose him is immediately swallowed by his cyber quicksand without mercy.

Finally, to celebrate the upcoming release of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, Capcom has shared a brand new chapter of the official Mega Man Battle Network manga, drawn by Ryo Takamisaki. Click here to check out this new chapter, called “~The 20 Year Reunion~”!

March 28th

Tora is a former national NetChess Champion who travelled all the way from Swapopolis, to the west of Den City, to participate in the N1 Grand Prix. He has a strong competitive spirit, and is quite quarrelsome. That being said, he does treat with respect anyone he’s recognised.

KingMan.EXE is a NetNavi with an easy-going personality, and a staunch and immovable heart. He often calms down Tora, who is rather short-tempered. He says lots of complicated things, talking about martial arts and lessons. During battle, he carefully assess the situation, and comes up with a strategy that suits the flow of battle.

Also, here’s a couple of web commercials from Japan:

March 27th

Mr. Famous is a NetBattle Master said to have attained 69 consecutive victories in the World NetBattle Cup (currently on hiatus). In order to train young NetBattlers all over the country, he sets out to various places from the Hikari Research Institute.

PunkMan.EXE is one of Mr. Famous’ NetNavis. He has huge thorns all over its body, and a weight-like left arm.

March 23rd

BubbleMan.EXE is an autonomous NetNavi, and WWW (World Three)’s whipping boy. He may be a coward, he still does his best, seeking to earn Dr. Wily’s praise. He’s looking to get back at all the NetNavi who have ever made fun of him.

MistMan.EXE is a NetNavi who possesses a veritable wealth of knowledge and tremendous power, and a quiet personality. A mysterious NetNavi whose operator and place of origin are unknown.

March 21st

Here’s some more footage for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, from the latest episode of Capcom TV:

March 20th

Tamako Shiraizumi is the owner of the gift shop next to the Ura Inn in Yoka. She’s a bright and refreshing woman, who hates indecise people. In the past, she was a delinquent known as “Silvercoat Tamako”.

MetalMax.EXE is a NetNavi that boasts tremendous power and sharpness. He’s rather tactirun and stubborn. He’s the “reliable older brother” type who goes after the strong and helps the weak. During NetBattles, he displays overwhelming power.

BeastMan.EXE is a NetNavi operated by Takeo Inukai from the WWW (World Three). Don’t be fooled by his bestial appearance: he’s actually quite intelligent. He often keeps his operator (a rather violent man) in check. However, in battle, he unleashes wild, bestial attacks.

Rei Saiko is member of the WWW (Wold Three) organization, a former hypnotist of great renown. He was banned from the industry by his peers, who criticized his use of NetNavi in hypnotism. His relaxed personality hides a cruel side that he displays when he ruthlessly hypnotize people.

FlashMan.EXE is Rei Saiko’s NetNavi. He can penetrate inside electronic devices in order to manipulate lights and monitors alike to unleash a dreadful technique known as “Hypnosis Flash”, which puts any human who sees it into a hypnotic state. He faithfully carries out Rei’s orders.

March 16th

Gospel is Multibug Organism that exists only to cause destruction and chaos. It does not take orders from anyone.

March 15th

Mr. Match is a member of WWW (World Three), but in Mega Man Battle Network 2, he appears as an ordinary man. When Lan Hikari makes his way Netopia, he meets him at the airport. When he battles him, Mr. Match’s NetNavi is HeatMan.EXE (instead of FireMan.EXE like in the first game).

HeatMan.EXE is a flame-based NetNavi who uses powerful fire attacks. Even though he’s Mr. Match’s NetNavi, they don’t work all that well together, which may be due to them only having been teamed up for a little while. His fire power is even stronger than FireMan.EXE, and he’s every bit as hotheaded.

March 13th

Mrs. Million is a regular at the jewelry store in Netopia. She’s a millionaire who bought Lan Hikari’s stolen Battle Chips from a thug, and instead of returning them to him, she used them to enter online battles. It appears she really enjoys taking on strong NetBattlers.

SnakeMan.EXE is Mrs. Million’s NetNavi. He usually serves as an electronic lock for the bag containing all her valuables. Whenever opponents show an opening, he attacks with a targeted buster shot from his mouth.

When playing online, players are divided in ranks: E, D, C, A, S, S++, and Ω (Omega). Players are matched with opponents from the same rank range, allowing for fierce but balanced battles.

March 10th

Mr. Gauss is the CEO of Gauss. Inc., a world renowned company, and an executive of the Gospel criminal group. He’s also the long-lost older brother of Count Zap. He greatly suffered from poverty as child, which is why he now holds a grudge against society as a whole, and joined Gospel to take revenge on it.

MagnetMan.EXE is a NetNavi that can generate magnetic fields at will using the magnet attached to his body. Under the orders of Mr. Gauss, his operator, he plots to hijack a plane in order to steal the state-of-the-art program that allows it to fly.

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection includes all 499 Patch Cards that were created for Mega Man Battle Network 4 onwards. Among them is the Z-Saber card, that you could get by connecting with Mega Man Zero 3. It looks like in the collection, you can unlock two such cards by performing certain actions…

Speaking of Patch Cards, you can view them from the Gallery for each game. Among the cards included is a special Boktai collab. card!

Finally, today’s update shines light of a new mode called Buster MAX Mode, which is recommended for those who just want to focus on the story and/or don’t have time to play for too long. In this mode, the power of MegaMan.EXE’s normal MegaBuster shot is increased by 100, allowing you to make short work of enemies.

This mode can turned on or off at any time from the menu screen. And of course, it’s automatically disabled in multiplayer battles!

March 8th

Princess Bride is a NetBattler from Creamland, who assists Gospel in their nefarious plots. At the Official NetBattlers conference, held at the Netopia Castle, she plots to assassinate the representatives of each country.

KnightMan.EXE is Princess Bride’s NetNavi, and serves as her protector. His power is such that he can crack pretty much all panels. Even though he knows that was his operator is doing is wrong, he remains ever chialrous, obeying her orders unquestioningly, and confronting MegaMan.EXE.

March 6th

Here’s the first Character Intro video for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, introducing Mayl Sakurai:

One of Lan’s closest friends, the enthusiastic Mayl Sakurai is cheerful, bright, and outgoing. Her kind nature is reflected in her NetNavi, Roll.EXE, who is particularly skilled at healing.

Mr. Famous is a NetBattle Master. Using various NetNavi, he spends his days researching new battle techniques. Also, in order to nurture new Net Battler talents, he often challenges budding NetBattlers and give them lectures, sharing with them precious techniques and information.

GateMan.EXE is a mysterious NetNavi, and Mr. Famous’s partner. His powers are equally mysterious: he attacks by opening the gate on his chest, from which various things (such as soldiers and demonic hands) emerge. He often serves as a training partner for Lan Hikari’s and MegaMan.EXE.

March 3rd

Dusk is a professional mercenary working for Gospel who boasts a near-perfect success rate in cybercrime. There’s nothing he won’t do for money. Using his NetNavi, ShadowMan.EXE, he destroys YumLand’s Cyberworld, bypassing its tight security.

ShadowMan.EXE is Dusk’s NetNavi, and the commander of the YumLand Occupation Force. A battle pro with a ruthless personality who isn’t afraid of using his subordinates as shield to save himself. He’s so powerful, he could destroy YumLand all by himself.

March 1st

Ribitta is a popular newcaster working for DNN (DenCity News Network). She hosts the “Morning Assault NetBattle!” program. She always show up at places where NetBattle tournaments are held to report on them.

ToadMan.EXE is Ribitta’s NetNavi. A household name, there’s nothing he loves more than singing. Unsurprisingly, his attacks are based on music: he throws musical note-shaped thunderbolts at enemies. While conducting interviews for Morning Assault NetBattle!, he encounters Lan Hikari and battles him.

February 27th

FreezeMan.EXE is a Solo NetNavi who serves as the Supreme Commander of Gospel. He possesses a high degree of intelligence and a heart of ice. He can spread ice that is difficult to melt, and causes natural disasters by damaging environment control systems around the world.

CutMan.EXE is another Solo NetNavi, in charge of Gosple’s automatic control programs. He serves as the vice-commander of the YumLand Occupation Force. When he makes his way to the YumSquare (that ShadowMan.EXE had just destroyed) in search of survivors, he comes upon MegaMan.EXE and is defeated.

Also, the game was showcased during the latest episode of Capcom TV. Here’s the recording of the segments with footage:

February 24th

Speedy Dave is a Gospel executive candidate with an IQ of 170. He loves nature, and will get angry at anyone who pollutes it. He’s planning to blow up the Okuden Dam and submerge Den City.

QuickMan.EXE is Speed Dave’s NetNavi. He helps him when he tries to blow up the Okuden Dam. This NetNavi is all about speed. He attacks using boomerangs that fly at high speed, and which are hard to avoid.

February 22nd

Arashi Kazefuki is a member of the netmafia Gospel. He used to work at DenGas (a gas company), but in order to relieve himself of all the stress he accumulated at work, he began committing crimes, and that’s how he ended up joining Gospel.

AirMan.EXE is Arashi Kazefuki’s NetNavi. Using the fan on his chest, he can conjure up two tornadoes and blow everything away. He causes the ventilation program in Yai Ayanokoji’s house to malfunction, leading to a buildup of poisonous gas.

February 20th

Dr. Wily is an evil genius scientist, and the leader of the cyber crime organization WWW (World Three). For some reason, he harbours a deep hate for SoulNet, and vows to destroys it.

Bass.EXE is a NetNavi who lurks in the depths of the internet. He’s a mighty warrior, always looking for battle and ways to get even stronger. He repeatedly stands in front of MegaMan.EXE.

February 17th

Yahoot is a man who worships Dr. Wily, and was made his right-hand man. It’s not clear for what reason he joined WWW (World Three). He’s a master of both yoga and programming. His NetNavi is MagicMan.EXE, who is said to be the strongest NetNavi in the WWW.

February 16th

When playing online, some of the game specifications were adjusted. For example, the Custom Screen is closed automatically when playing against another player online.

As for Battle Rules, the game offers several. One of them is called Real Battle, and players can either battle with one Battle Chip (Single Battle) or three (Triple Battle). In the latter, the winner is the player who gets two wins first.

February 15th

Masa is a rather strange fish salesman who has a stall in the Government Complex. He always gives a spiel about the wonders of fish to his customers, but his sales lag behind those of Sal and his lunch box stall next door.

SharkMan.EXE is Masa’s NetNavi. He has a shark-shaped body. Just like his operator, he’s rather energetic. He can unleash some lively attacks during battles. He can dive below the battlefield in order to hit opponents with a rushing attack.

February 14th

Every game in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be playable online. Several options will be available:

  • private match with friends (using room codes)
  • casual matches with other players
  • ranked matches

February 13th

Count Zapp is a rather flamboyant man wearing a flashy suit (literally), and one of the three WWW (World Three executives). He joined the WWW in order to make the world a place where electricity and machines play a major role again. His real name is Jack Electricity.

ElecMan.EXE is Count Zapp’s NetNavi. Unsurprisingly, he can manipulate electricity at will. He takes over the power plant at the Government Complex, and uses its energy to make himself invicible.

February 10th

Ms. Madd is one of the three WWW (World Three) executives. She’s a true villain who loves to shock people. She uses her NetNavi, ColorMan.EXE to disrupt Den City’s transportation system (the Auto Drive System”, causing havoc and panic in town.

ColorMan.EXE is a NetNavi who looks like a clow. But don’t be fooled by his comical appearance: he can be rather cruel, and will happily follow any orders, no matter how cruel they may be. Together with his partner, Ms. Madd, he disrupts the traffic lights in Den City, causing many accidents and plunging the town into chaos.

February 8th

Miyu is the woman who runs the Antique shop in DenTown. She has a rather reserved personality, and struggles to attract people’s attention. Her NetNavi is SkullMan.EXE

Speaking of SkullMan.EXE, he’s a skeleton-themed NetNavi. He uses his arms and head as weapon. He’s miyu’s partner, and he once went against Lan Hikari’s and MegaMan.EXE to check out the “brilliant soul” Miyu claimed to have sensed.

February 6th

Dr. Froid is at the head of the Construction Division in the Waterworks Bureau, and the father of one of Lan Hikari’s classmates. His NetNavi is IceMan.EXE, that he got as a birthday present from his family.

Ice.Man.EXE is the mascot of the Waterworks Bureau, and his childish appearance is due to his serving as a guide for children.

February 3rd

BombMan.EXE is an autonomous NetNavi tasked with protecting the WWW address. He’s skilled at “bomb soccer”, and attacks by kicking balls shaped like bombs. After being defeated by MegaMan.EXE, he self-destroyed, therefore destructing the path to WWW.

StoneMan.EXE is another autonomous NetNavi who works for the WWW. From the internet, he managed to cause a landfall, interfering with the opening of a metro line. Since his body is entirely made of rock, his endurance is without pair.

January 30th

Higsby is a former member of WWW (World Three) who tried to brainwash the students of ACDC Elementary School, but was stopped by Lan Hikari. After his defeat, he turned a new leaf, and opened a Chip Shop: Higsby’s. His hobby? Collecting Battle Chips!

NumberMan.EXE is a NetNavi formerly affiliated with WWW, who assisted Higsby in his attempt to brainwash the students of ACDC Elementary School. After that incident, he went on to assist Higsby at his Chip Shop. He also manages his collection of rare Battle Chips. His specialy: calculations!

January 27th

Mr. Match is a member of WWW (World Three). He joined WWW (a criminal organisation) because he wanted to shock society. His partner is FireMan.EXE, a NetNavi that can manipulate fire.

Speaking of FireMan.EXE, his specialty is attacks using flames and bombs.

January 26th

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection was showcased during the latest episode of Capcom TV. This time, we got a look at a boss battle against ShadowMan.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network 2!

January 25th

Mariko Ozono (also known as Ms. Mari) is Lan’s homeroom teacher at the ACDC Elementary School. She only just started teaching, which is why she makes a lot of mistakes, but she does try her best to make up for them.

Chisao Oyama is Dex Oyama’s little brother. Because of his father’s work, he lives in Netopia. He always makes sure to keep in touch with his brother via daily emails, though he loves him so much, he occasionally comes to Japan on his own in order to visit him.

January 23rd

Haruka Hikari is Lan’s mother, and she looks after him on behalf of her husband (who rarely comes home). She’s pretty good at cooking, and lately, she started baking her own bread. She’s cheerful and kind, but she can get really scary when angried.

Yuichiro Hikari is Lan’s father, a leading research in the fields of PETs and NetNavi. Recently, he moved on from simply conducting research to also leading a reponse team charged with tackling the rise in internet crimes. He’s a kind and jovial dad, but he’s so busy with work, he rarely comes home.

Also, we got details about some more Battle Chips:

  • Sword-type Battle Chips

Sword-type battle chips are powerful weapons, capable of hitting one or more tiles depending on the battle chip. Make sure you’re using the right blade for any given situation!

  • Bomb-type Battle Chips:

Bomb-type Battle Chips hurl an explosive through the air, detonating where they land. A clever Operator can lure opponents into an explosive trap, or even attack from a defensive position depending on what else is on the field.

  • Crack Shot

Some attacks in Mega Man Battle Network games travel along the ground, but a Crack Shot can bust viruses and create a safe zone all at once!

January 20th

Eugene Chaud is an elementary school student, and even though he’s the same age as Lan and the others, he has solved many crimes on the internet as a licensed NetBattler. A prideful boy who used to look down on Lan, but after witnessing his victories, he gradually came to accept him.

Proto Man is a NetNavi that boasts incredible performances thanks to Eugene’s customisations. He always keeps his cool, and his judgement is always on-point. Since he was not programmed to be kind oor show compassion, he can prove rather ruthless at times.

January 18th

Yai Ayanokoji is another of Lan Hikari’s classmates. While she’s 3 years younger than Lan and the others, she has an extremely high IQ, which allowed her to skip several grades and end up in the same one as Lan. She also happens to be quite rich, and has a wide information network and many connections at her disposal.

Glide.EXE’s customisation may not be as advanced as that of Roll or Guts Man, but since he was installed on a high-end PET, his performances are in no way inferior to theirs. Unfortunately, Yai Ayanokoji isn’t very good at operating PETs, and so he cannot make full use of his powers. He takes care of Yai Ayanokoji as if he were her butler.

January 16th

Dex Oyama is another of Lan Hikari’s classmates. The stereotypical bully type who often resorts to violence, though when things get tough, he does have a chivalrous side, and is not afraid to put himself in danger in order to protect his friends. He has a little brother named Chisao, but the two look nothing like.

Guts Man is Dex Oayama’s NetNavi. Just like Roll, he’s a customised robot with his own personality. His large body and massive strength prove handy for Virus Busting and NetBattles, with power-based attacks being his specialty.

January 13th

Mayl Sakurai is Lan Hikari’s classmate. A cute and smart girl, and the idol of her class. She’s a cheerful and kind person, and she’s not afraid to clearly speak her mind. However, she tends to worry about Lan…

Roll is MegaMan.EXE’s girlfriend. As a customised robot, she has her own personality. Just like Mayl, she’s quite the cutie. NetBattles are not her forte, though she’s quite good at healing.

January 11th

Today, two characters are introduced:

  • MegaMan.EXE: Lan Hikari’s best friend, and one of the main characters. A NetNavi installed on the PET that Lan received from his father. As far as Virus Busting go, those two make for a breathtaking combo!
  • Lan Hikari: a genius NetBattler who has solved manyt cases with his partner, MegaMan.EXE, making use of his talent for Virus Busting. But on the surface, Lan is just an ordinary elementary school student. A cheerful boy with lots of friends. He hates studying, which is why his grades at school really leave a lot to be desired. He often shows up late in class due to his having trouble waking up in the mornings.

December 28th

For the first update, we have some details and pictures for Download Chips:

Download Chips are unique Battle Chips that were initially only available at certain special events in Japan, but are now included as part of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection! This one looks kinda familiar…

Next, some details about one of the Battle Chips: Cannon!

Familiar, dependable, and explosive. Cannon is an easy-to-use battle chip available in every game included in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, making it ideal for everyone from new NetBattlers to virus-busting veterans!

Finally, Capcom shared some details about the contents of the Custom PET Pack (the early purchase bonus):

  • Mega Man’s Hub Style skin in Vol. 1.
  • Dark Mega Man skin in Vol. 2
  • 4 BGM arrangements to be added to the Music Player

Source: Capcom (Twitter) / Capcom (Twitter)


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