Media Create: more sales data Week 8 (2016) in Japan

Today, Media Create released its weekly report for video game sales in Japan, providing us with more sales data for Week 8, 2016. During Week 8, a total of 497 000 games were sold in Japan, which is less than Week 7 (70.78% of last week’s sales). This drop may seem a bit surprising at first, since there were many more entries: 19 in total (vs. 8 during Week 7).

The problem is that individually, those new games didn’t sell all that much. After all, the best-selling game this week, a new entry, only sold 33 195 units. In fact, sales of new games dropped: they only amount for 36.66% of Week 7 sales. And on the other hand, sales of already-released titles increased (126.81% of Week 7 sales). Media Create notes that the ratio of new games in total Software sales was switched compared to Week 7: it’s 32.19% vs 62.15% for Week 8.

Finally, Dengeki notes that Mega Man Legacy Collection sold about 22 000 units during its launch week, which is about 50% of all units shipped to retailers.

Mega Man Legacy CollectionSource: Media Create / Dengeki


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