Mario Party 10: Fuzzy Fliers footage

Today, Nintendo has uploaded a third gameplay video for Mario Party 10: it showcases the Fuzzy Fliers mini-game. In this one, the four players are competing, and have to reach the top of a tower before the others. But there’s a little twist: your cloud can only float for a few seconds, and you have to grab some power-ups in order to replenish the “floating gauge”.

If the gauge reaches zero, you fall and you lose the mini-game (no retry). Therefore, you have to be very careful and avoid the Fuzzies on the way, as touching them will make you lose a few precious seconds. Obviously, this will be easier said than done when the other players just keep on bumping into you!

Here’s the gameplay footage for the Fuzzy Fliers mini-game:

Rapid River Race footage
Boo Burglars footage

Mario Party 10 (Wii U) comes out this Thursday in Japan, and on March 20th in both Europe and North America.


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