LUCID (adventure platformer) hopping to Nintendo Switch in 2024; trailer, footage, and screenshots

Apogee Entertainment have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: LUCID, a crystal-hopping adventure platformer developed by Eric Manahan of The Matte Black Studio. It will be released sometime in 2024 in Europe and North America.

Here’s the reveal trailer for the game:

And here’s a gameplay trailer + boss highlights:

Inspired by the likes of Celeste (movement tech), Cave Story (precision platforming), and Souls-like games (world-building), LUCID invites you to jump and dash your way through a vast overworld filled with puzzles to solve, and hand-crafted, loot-filled dungeons to explore.

Here’s some additional details and some screenshots for the game:

Embark on an action-packed fantasy that worships the movement tech of Celeste, the precision platforming of Cave Story, and the world-building of Souls-like giants. Jump and dash near-endlessly between airborne nodes, exploring a vast overworld and solving puzzles in hand-crafted, loot-filled dungeons.

Discover exhilarating movement tech, like the Crystal Spear’s down-air pogo, and fluidly swap between Crystal Arts mid-combo for devastating combat effects. Backtrack to previously unreachable areas with new skills and piece together Aedyn’s intricate lore through item descriptions and runic language.

Published by Apogee Entertainment (Turbo Overkill, Duke Nukem, Prey, Max Payne), LUCID presents aheartfelt adventure in a crystalline fantasy. Venture across a massive overworld, solve challenging puzzle dungeons, and conquer white-knuckle combat to unlock powerful new abilities, revealing more secrets in previously explored areas. Tightly tuned for platforming perfection, LUCID embraces the flow-state fun of genre giants like Celeste while writing a love letter to the 2D golden age of Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid.

Explore Aedyn, an enigmatic land replete with crystals, in the wake of the apocalyptic Great Fall. The Lucid Giant has fallen and only the few remaining Sentinels, practitioners of the Crystal Arts, can stop the corruption soaking the land. Take up the fight as Oenn, a young, stone-skinned Junior Sentinel. Seek the shattered pieces of the Lucid Giant and confront the ancient, celestial entity which threatens Aedyn.

Expand Oenn’s mobility and enhance his combat arsenal with the five Crystal Arts—rewards for braving memorable dungeons like the icy climb of Onyx Ridge or the toxic gloom of Welltown. While Oenn can jump, dash, and pulse on his own, chain the Crystal Arts together to traverse impossible gap distances and unlock devastating combo attacks. Soften enemy armor from afar with the ranged Crystal Pulse before crushing their defenses with an overhead Crystal Axe slam. Fire the Crystal Spear to break open a pathway above or use its “down air” as a pogo to extend Oenn’s jump.

By equipping up to two Crystal Arts at once and fluidly swapping them mid-combo, lay bare the secrets of Aedyn. Solve devious puzzles in the deepest depths, defeat formidable bosses, and explore the overworld, aiding villagers and piecing together Aedyn’s history. Every item on Oenn’s journey possesses a world-building lore description, and translating runic language or defeating enough of one enemy will unfold a bigger narrative tapestry.

LUCID (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a 2024 release in Europe and North America.

Source: Apogee Entertainment PR


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