Light Fingers (board game) announced for the Nintendo Switch

A game of “friendly pilfering and fiendish provocation”: that’s how the developers chose to introduce Light Fingers, one of the games that was announced during the Nindies Summer Showcased on Wednesday.

This game aims at answering that burning question you’ve probably asked yourself several times (or not…): what on earth do thieves do after a night of good ol’ thieving? Well… they gather at their favourite taven, and wager their spoils away on a friendly game of Light Fingers! Well… at least, in this particular game. We make no claim about thieves in other places or in the real world.

But what is Light Finger, exactly? No, it’s not just the name of the game you’re reading about, it’s also a magical clockwords game board it’s played on.

Light Finger is a turn-based multiplayer game with real-time action. Your goal is to secure more loot than your opponents, and to do so, you have to take advantage of all the devious opportunities for misdirections you come across. There’s nothing quite like beating a thief at their own game!

Here’s the key features of Light Fingers on the Nintendo Switch:

  • Local pick-up-and-play for you and up to 3 of your closest frenemies.
  • A beautifully imagined game board that unfolds into a detailed miniature world as players take their turns.
  • Secret cards to play and strategic moves to make; dungeon challenges test your reflexes and cunning!
  • Manipulate the outcome of turns both on the game board and by interfering with the active player’s turn.
  • A lively soundtrack of sounds composed from rare and archaic medieval instruments.

Finally, here’s a trailer and some screenshots:

Light Fingers (Switch – eShop) comes out next year in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo



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