Yo-kai Watch 4: human characters will get to battle alongside Yo-kai, 4th world teased

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine comes out this week in Japan, and this one has some new details about Yo-kai Watch 4 (and more precisely its battle system). Thanks to the usual early leaks, we don’t have to wait for the magazine to be available to get hold of those details (though keep in mind the translation below is based on a potentially incomplete, and therefore inaccurate, transcript!).

In previous mainline Yo-kai Watch games, only Yo-kai took part in battle, but it’s about to change with Yo-kai Watch 4. Indeed, CoroCoro magazine reveals that human characters such as Keita (Nate) and Natsume (among others) will be able to take part in battles directly, and support the various Yo-kai. Unfortunately, it’s not clear exactly how this works: we will have to wait for another report for further details!

Outside battles, players will be able to control the protagonists from all 3 worlds mentioned in the previous report, Natsume, Keita (Nate), and Shin (from the latest Yo-kai Watch movie). What’s more, it looks like Akinori and Touma are also playable in some way.

Finally, in addition to the 3 worlds mentioned last month, it looks like Yo-kai Watch 4 will feature a 4th world. Unfortunately, no details about this mysterious world are provided, so we will have to wait before finding out more about it (it’s most likely going to be the Yo-kai world).

Yo-kai Watch 4 (Switch) comes out this Winter in Japan.

Source: CoroCoro
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