LEGO Jurassic World: some screenshots and gameplay details

After this morning’s trailer, LEGO Jurassic World now gets its very first batch of previews from the press. As announced earlier, LEGO Jurassic World is based on all 3 Jurassic Park movies + the upcoming Jurassic World movie (and not just the later). It includes 20 different levels, as well as more than 100 characters to unlock.

Eurogamer got to play two sections of the game:

– the Triceratops healing scene from Jurassic Park 1, where the player needs to solve the puzzle by scouring the environment for clues and then creating a cure. If you’ve played the LEGO Harry Potter games, you won’t be disoriented by this puzzle, which works pretty much the same way as the potion puzzles.
– the “When you gotta go, you gotta go…” scene from Jurassic Park 1, where a lawyer get chomped by a T-Rex. You have to save the children: one of them, a girl, can actually break glass with her screams and deafen those around her.

If you’ve played previous LEGO games before, most of the gameplay mechanics will feel really familiar to you: for example, Alan Grant can follow dinosaur tracks, some other characters can dig in order to find buried items or grow plants to make some platforms, and more.

Of course, the usual slapstick humour of the LEGO games is there to soften some of the most scary/violent sections of the movies. For example, the lawyer who gets eaten by a T-Rex first try to fend it off with a toilet brush, then proceeds to happily brush the beast’s teeth from the insides of its jaws.

And good news for fans who were looking forward to play as dinosaurs: you can do so in the game! For example, Ellie’s triceratops starts following you for the rest of the level once you’ve healed it, and you can even control it to destroy various obstacles blocking your path. Even better news: you can customise the dinosaurs!

LEGO Jurassic World will have an open world, and rather faithful recreations of Isla Nubar (from the first and fourth movies) and Isla Sorna (from the second and third movies), along with the various areas from those islands. Are you looking forward to drive around in one of the iconic jeeps from the movies? If yes, you’re in for a treat!

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the game:

LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U / 3DS) comes out in June in Europe and North America.

Source: Eurogamer



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