LEGO Dimensions: various Team/Level/Fun Packs confirmed (Portal, Simpsons, more)

A couple of days ago, some leaks allowed us to discover that LEGO Dimensions would welcome some rather surprising series. Listing for Team/Level Packs appeared on Walmart’s website, for Portal, the Simpsons, Scooby Doo and more.

And this week, LEGO has directly confirmed those Team/Level Packs, but without making any announcement. Actually, the company has published instructions for the Back to the Future Level Pack on its official website. Those are quite simple: simply build the mini figure, put it on its base and… just follow the instructions in-game.

But as noted by Brickset, what’s interesting isn’t so much the instructions, but the pictures the guide includes. They directly confirm the existence of the various Team/Level Packs which were leaked on Walmart’s website, even though neither Warner Bros or LEGO have made any announcement regarding those.

Here’s the pictures for the various Team/Level/Fun Packs:

LEGO Dimensions (Wii U) comes out on September 27th.

Source: Brickset



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