Kensuke Tanabe on Metroid Prime: Federation Force – amiibo, campaign progression, Retro Studios involvement

E3 is the gift that keeps on giving as today, USgamer published an extensive interview with Executive Officer of Nintendo SPD and Metroid Prime-series mastermind Kensuke Tanabe about Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The interview was conducted during E3 so most of the info is a repeat of things mentioned in the numerous other interviews he gave during that time.

However, some smaller bits seem to actually be new information or at the very least slightly more elaborate thoughts on certain topics such as amiibo support and solo play options.

On the topic of amiibo support for the game, Tanabe says he has some ideas but they haven’t been finalized yet. If possible, he would want an amiibo of the Galactic Federation mech suit.

While it was known that Federation Force’s campaign can be played both by four human players in co-op or in singleplayer with the three other mechs being controlled by the CPU, Tanabe mentions here that it is possible to play the missions completely solo. This means no CPU players; you can take on the objectives as a lone wolf if you desire an extra challenge.

Tanabe also speaks more about on the mission structure of the game. There will be three major planets that the missions take place on, each with its environmental type (ice, gas, desert). Players will get three missions they can choose to complete in any order after which they unlock another set of three missions.

When asked if Retro Studios is at all involved in the game, Tanabe reveals that they were supervising the design of the mech suits that appear in the game. The game itself is being developed by Next Level Games, as we’ve known for quite a while.

Finally, when the question about Metroid Prime’s future is brought up, Tanabe yet again details his ideas for a story centered around a conflict between Samus Aran and Sylux, the rival bounty hunter who made his debut in Metroid Prime: Hunters. At this point, it seems clear that this really will be where the Prime-series is heading in its next iteration following Federation Force.

Source: USgamer


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