Japan: Nintendo and Monster Hunter double-packs for the Nintendo 3DS

Back in 2015, Nintendo released two double-packs for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan: one with Animal Crossing: New Leaf + Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and one with Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. + Mario Kart 7. And it looks like the company is going to have similar double-packs this year.

Thanks to Amazon listings (Nintendo hasn’t announced anything yet), we already know that Nintendo is going to release not one, but three double-packs for the holiday season this year, with different games than last time:

All three double-packs cost 5 000 Yen (though Amazon is currently selling them 4 074 Yen), and do not have a release date yet. They’re listed for January 1st, which is obviously a placeholder because:

  • those are quite obviously double-packs for the holiday season, and while New Year is indeed a good period for video game, it’s nothing compared to Christmas. Besides, those are aimed at parents looking to buy Christmas presents for their kids;
  • January 1st is a Monday, and Nintendo never releases anything on a Monday.

Here’s what their packaging look like:

But that’s not all: Capcom is also releasing their own double-pack on December 14th. It includes Monster Hunter XX (Best Price!) and Monster Hunter Stories (Ver. 1.2). It will cost 5 990 Yen + taxes.

Here’s what the packaging looks like:

The Upcoming Games page has been updated with all the double-packs!

Source: 4Gamer
Thanks GameMemo for the heads up!


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