Japan: double-packs on 3DS; boxarts for Wii U / 3DS games and Hyrule New 3DS XL


We added the Dragon Ball Super Ultimate Heroes W Pack to this post: you will find all the details below.


In February, the Nintendo 3DS will celebrate its 5th anniversary in Japan, and unsurprisingly, sales have been down Year on Year so far. For such an “old” console, it’s pretty normal to focus on Software instead: after all, it’s accumulated quite the library, and maximising sales of games is one easy way to offset the drop in hardware sales.

Nintendo is well aware of that, and that’s why the company will release two double-packs for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, on December 3rd (just in time for the holiday period). Naturally, they are cheaper than buying the games separately, and they make a great Christmas gift for people who don’t own them already.

The packs are the following:

Here’s the packaging/boxart for the two double-packs:

And here’s the stickers you can get with the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. + Mario Kart 7 double pack:

Bandai-Namco will also release a double-pack, but on December 17th:

  • Dragon Ball Super Ultimate Heroes W Pack – Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2 + Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden ( 10 280 Yen + taxes). Includes the two games, but also a sheet with QR codes (to unlock various bonuses in the games), and comes in a special box.

Next, here’s the boxarts for the following games/consoles:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U) comes out on March 4th in Europe and North America, and March 10th in Japan.
The New Nintendo 3DS LL – Hyrule Edition comes out on January 21st in Japan.
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U) comes out on November 20th in Europe and North America, and January 28th in Japan.


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