[Japan] Nintendo eShop line-up (May 11th) and upcoming releases (Ace Attorney 6)

Nintendo eShop line-up

This week, the line-up for the Nintendo eShop in Japan is as lackluster as it gets: there’s just one brand new game. That being said, there’s also a total of 7 Virtual Console titles (2 on Wii U, and 5 on New Nintendo 3DS)! Unfortunately, next week may be even worse: there’s nothing announced so far, except a couple of Virtual Console titles…

Bolded are games we recommend.

Wii U Virtual Console

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Nintendo 3DS

  • -Chase- Mikaiketsu Jiken Sousaka ~Tooi Kioku~ (Arc System Works): 800 Yen [requires 1 582 blocks / 197.75MB of free space on your SD Card] [web eShop page]

New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

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Nintendo 3DS Themes

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Nintendo Badge Arcade

NBA JP 13.06.2016This week, Nintendo added the following:

  • Animal Crossing badges (5 panels)
  • Pokémon badges (4 panels)

Source: Nintendo
Via: JoeM86

Upcoming games

This time around, we only have one upcoming game showcased: Gyakuten Saiban 6 / Ace Attorney 6, on Nintendo 3DS!

  • Gyakuten Saiban 6 / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (Capcom): 6 264 Yen at retail / 5 990 Yen on the Nintendo eShop [available on June 9th, but already available for pre-loading] [requires 6 624 blocks / 828 MB of free space on your SD Card) [web eShop page]

Source: Nintendo



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