Japanese news (May 13): Monster Hunter Generations / Battle of Elemental Reboost

Today’s Japanese news:

  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • Battle of Elemental REBOOST
  • Danger Road
  • Dai Kaitaku Jidai ~Machi o Tsukurou~

Monster Hunter XMonster Hunter Generations

Here’s the screenshots for the latest Event Quests for Monster Hunter Generations in Japan:

Monster Hunter Generations (3DS) comes out on July 15th in Europe and North America.

Source: Famitsu

Battle of Elemental REBOOST

Here’s some new artworks and screenshots for Battle of Elemental REBOOST, coming out next month in Japan on the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS:

Source: Gamer.ne.jp

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Danger Road

Danger Road is a game developed by SIMS CO., and published by Starsign. It’s a game where you have to cross the road while avoid cars, trucks, and other obstacles. There’s two game modes:

  • Regular (30 stages): you have to pass through all the checkpoints in order to unlock the goal.
  • Survival (20 stages): you have to survive until the end of the timer.

Here’s some screenshots:

Danger Road (3DS eShop) will be released on June 1st in Japan, where it will cost 380 Yen. This game was added to our Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Starsign

Dai Kaitaku Jidai ~Machi o Tsukurou~

On Wednesday, Arc System Works released an update for Dai Kaitaku Jidai ~Machi o Tsukurou~ (Nintendo 3DS, eShop). It brings the game to Ver. 1.1, with some new features and fixes such as such as:

  • new difficulty level
  • camera control via the slidepad
  • button shortcuts
  • maximum number of settlers was adjusted (30)
  • various glitches (including one that would make the game freeze) was fixed
  • and more…

Source: Famitsu



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