Update – Iron Fall Invasion: first update available in Europe and North America (Ver. 1.1)

Update: the update is now live on the North American eShop!


Today, VD-DEV released the very first update for their third-person shooter on Nintendo 3DS, Iron Fall: Invasion. There’s quite a few changes included, and unlike Nintendo, the developers did include a changelog on the Nintendo eShop.

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Here’s the full list of changes for this version 1.1 of Iron Fall – Invasion (paid version):

1) Campaign and multiplayer

– Magnetization on the Y axis when entering aiming mode;
– Ability to take cover during the sprint

2) Multiplayer

– “Quick Online Match”, new option “Demo ON/OFF” and greater variation in arena selection;
– “Free for All – Don’t bet”, players earn credits when they finish in second place;
– Four second invincibility after a respawn.

Here’s the full list of changes for this version 1.1 of Iron Fall – Invasion (both versions):

1) Campaign and multiplayer

– Possibility to use much faster settings for the camera and aiming;
– Easier to turn during a sprint;
– U-turn easier to achieve.
2) Multiplayer

– Weapon balancing (Grenade Launcher, Explosive Rifle, Shotgun);
– Improved efficiency of the “Shock gun” weapon;
– “Free For All”, player’s score cancelled when the player leaves the current session;
– Version number detection

To download this 1.1 update for Iron Fall: Invasion, you need 22 blocks of free space on your SD Card. You can update directly from the Home menu, or you can head to the Nintendo eShop.

Source: Nintendo eShop



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