Indie news (Oct. 24) – Shovel Knight soundtrack / FAST Racing Neo update

Today’s Indie news: Shovel Knight soundtrack now available for pre-order, but also…

  • FAST Racing Neo
  • Exile’s End

Shovel Knight soundtrack

Starting today, the Shovel Knight: The Definitive Soundtrack is available for pre-order. There are several SKUs:

  • 2-LP Vinyl Soundtrack (32€/~$35.00) – 2 LPs encased in a gorgeous gatefold featuring exclusive art by Hitoshi Ariga. The booklet contains an interview with co-composer Manami Matsumae, as well as art from the original game. Purchases include a download for the digital release. The Vinyl will be a bilingual release featuring the same content in English and Japanese. You can pre-purchase it from this website or this one (from late October)
  • 2-CD Physical Soundtrack ($18.00) – 2 CDs containing the complete tracklist for the original Shovel Knight game. Purchases through Brave Wave contain a free download code for the digital release. There will be two SKUs of the Physical Soundtrack available: an International Edition with English content, as well as a Japanese Edition with track names and other content in Japanese. It will be available from this website.
  • Posters ($20.00) – Two poster designs featuring artwork by Hitoshi Ariga, modeled after the vinyl cover and inner-gatefold art. Both posters will come in A1 size.
  • Digital Download – The Shovel Knight soundtrack will be made available for the first time on major digital music services, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play Music and others! Note that Brave Wave will NOT offer a download-only version on its Bandcamp store. (Please see Store Page below)
  • Streaming – Apple Music and Spotify subscribers will be able to stream the Shovel Knight soundtrack on their devices starting in late October 2016! You will also be able to listen to the soundtrack on YouTube with ads around the same time!

You can find more details about this release on this page!

FAST Racing Neo

Today, Shin’en Multimedia released an update for FAST Racing Neo on Wii U. All the update seems to do is fix the issue with DLC. Before, if you bought the DLC, it would be locked after restarting the game. The only way to get it to unlock was to visit the Nintendo eShop again.

Right now, the update is only available in Europe, but it should be released in Japan and North America pretty soon.

Source: Shin’en

Exile’s End

On Friday, Keiji Yamagishi revealed on Twitter that he composed the atmospheric music for Exile’s End. This action/aventure game will be released later down the line on Wii U.



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