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Indie news (May 19): Ultimate Chicken Horse / Runner3 / LUNAAX (Kenichi Nishii)

Today’s Indie news: development update for Ultimate Chicken Horse, but also…

  • Runner3
  • NBA Playgrounds
  • Block Zombies!
  • Drop It: Block Paradise!

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Yesterday, Clever Endeavour Games shared the latest development update for Ultimate Chicken Horse on their official blog. They explained that right now, the game is functional on all platforms, but that it’s still missing some things. They’re currently working on player displays, links to accounts, and waiting on update for third-party software.

After that, they will need to send the game to a company for pre-certification testing, to make sure it then passes lotcheck on the first try (though most games end up taking a few tries).

The team is also on new content, which will be revealed when the release date for the game itself is announced. Unfortunately, it’s too early for that: the team doesn’t want to make promise and break it, or go into crunch time to keep up with an unnecessary deadline. In other words: the release date will only be revealed when the game is ready!

Ultimate Chicken Horse (Switch – eShop) will be released later this year in Europe and North America.

Source: Clever Endeavour Games


Yesterday, Choice Provisions postd the latest devblog post for Runner3. Unfortunately, this one isn’t pretty meaty, and only consists of a short teaser. We already know about two of the worlds in the game: Foodland and Spookyland, and the teaser happens to be about a third world.

Here’s the picture they shared:

Any idea what this third world is called?

Runner3 (Switch – eShop) will be released this Fall in Europe and North America.

Source: Choice Provisions


Kenichi Nishii was the Director of Chibi-Robo, and he also worked on the cult-classic Captain Rainbow on the Wii. And he’s currently working on a new game called LUNAXXX (codename), that will be revealed and playable at A 5th of BitSummit this week-end.

The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: 4Gamer

NBA Playgrounds

Here’s a short video of Kenny Smith in NBA Playgrounds, coming soon as free DLC!

Block Zombies!

Yesterday, Nostatic Software announced that Block Zombies! would be released next week, on May 25th. It will come to Europe at a later date.

The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Nostatic Software

Drop It: Block Paradise!

Yesterday, ZeNfA Productions announced that Drop It: Block Paradise! had finally be sent back to lotcheck. Hopefully, everything will go well this time, and we will get a release date soon.


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