Indie news (March 24th): 80’s Overdrive / Simogo’s 3DS prototype (playable)

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80's Overdrive80’s Overdrive

Fan of old school racing games and the Nintendo 3DS? If yes, you’re gonna love the game that was announced yesterday for the Nintendo DS: 80’s Overdrive. As you can see on the screenshots below, the game seems to be a pure arcade-style racing game à la Outrun. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know about the game right now, but there’s no doubt we will get more details in the near future…

Here’s the first screenshots for the game, which should come out sometime this Fall:

Source: official website


Simogo are the developers of Year Walk, which came out last year on Wii U. But before that, they released Beat Sneak Bandit in 2012. Once they were done with that game, they started working on two prototypes: one of them became Year Walk. The second one will never see the light of day as a full game, but Simogo did release a playable demo for PC today.

The was called Rollovski, and it was supposed to come out on Nintendo 3DS. Rollovski is a stealth game in which you would have controlled a limbless detective trying to infiltrate a strange hotel with only circular rooms.

Here’s what Simogo wrote about the game on their blog:

The concept focused on two features of the 3DS: the circle pad and the stereoscopic screen.


Basically, we imagined a game where circle pad being directly connected to a flat surface displayed on the 3D screen, so that they would “physically” move around, 1:1 to your thumb movements. We came up with the idea of having several surfaces layered in 3D, and having a ball rolling between them. The ball eventually became a round little detective and so Rollovski was born!

The game will never be released, but you can try out the playable prototype on PC (Windows and Mac) if you’re interested: you will find all the necessary link on Simogo’s blog! There’s also some screenshots in 3D to check out.

Here’s some picture of the game:


Mekazoo is a 2.5D platformer coming out later this year on Wii U. Yesterday, the developers revealed a brand new trailer for the game, which features actual gameplay footage:

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out this interview of Jarrett Slavin (Creative Director). It tackles various topics, including the plot, games that inspired the developers, the cast of playable Mekanimals and their abilities, animal pairings in the levels (which are pre-set, you cannot chose which ones to go with), how new powers are unlocked by beating bosses (think Mega Man), and much more!



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