Indie news (April 16): SteamWorld Heist: The Engine Room #14 (Nintendo Direct Pt. 2)

Today’s Indie news:

  • SteamWorld Heist
  • What causes indie games to fail?
  • Olympia Rising
  • Tadpole Treble
  • Midnight 2
  • Antipole DX

SteamWorld - The Engine RoomSteamWorld Heist

Yesterday, Image & World uploaded the 14th episode of The Engine Room, their webshow entirely dedicated to the SteamWorld universe. In this one, they once again talk about the segment they created for the Nintendo Direct, back in November. This time, they answer questions from fans about that very topic.

Here’s the questions answered:

  • What does it take to appear in a Nintendo Direct broadcast?
  • How powerful does the “Direct” hand gesture feel?
  • Was it hard to keep it a secret?
  • How much control did you have?
  • Is there a format you must follow?
  • Did you have to make your segment X minutes long?

SteamWorld Heist (Wii U eShop) comes out later this year!

What causes indie games to fail?

Yesterday, published rather interesting article, which looks at the main reason some indie games fail. Overall, there seems to be three main reasons (outside of extremely obvious ones like quality and the such):

  • lack or marketing: many indie developers think they do not need any marketing, or simply cannot afford any;
  • streaming: streaming has become a major part of the video game landscap in the past few years, so indie game needs to be stream-friendly (support streaming, and if possible, have streaming-ready content);
  • the curse of the sequel: for the vast majority of indie developers, a sequel didn’t sell nearly as well as the original (because of the lack of novelty factor)

Click here to check out the article!

Olympia Rising

Olympia Rising came out this week in Europe, but unfortunately, some nasty glitch came to crash the party. The good news is, a patch has already been submitted to Nintendo, and will been released soon.

Source: PlayEveryWare

Tadpole Treble

Here’s the latest soundtrack preview for Tadpole Treble, coming “soon” to Wii U:

You can find the lyrics to that song in the description of the video, on YouTube. Also, the developers confirm that players on Wii U will be able to share levels with those playing on PC/Steam, thanks to universal QR Codes.

Midnight 2

Did you like the first Midnight, on Wii U? Good news, its sequel (logically called Midnight 2) has apparently been approved by Nintendo. We should get a proper release date soon!

Source: Petite Games

Antipole DX

Yesterday, SaturnineGames shared a new screenshot for Antipole DX (which was put on the backburner while the developers were busy finishing up other projects, coming soon to Wii U. It shows a boss (which plays pretty much like in the original), who’s immune to your shots. But what about those bombs?

Source: Miiverse



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