Hey! Pikmin releasing in July worldwide (with Pikmin amiibo), additional details and footage

Back in September, during the previous Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed a rather intriguing Pikmin game for the Nintendo 3DS. Until yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, very little was known about the game, just that it would be a side-scrolling action/puzzle game. In fact, we didn’t even know how it was called!

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that the game is known as Hey! Pikmin. In this very first handheld Pikmin game, you get to play as Captain Olimar, embarking on another adventure through lush worlds. Naturally, he’s accompanied by his trusted Pikmin, that you have to throw using the touch screen to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, defeat enemies, and more.

Of course, you get to use all types of Pikmin (Red, Yellow, Purple, Rock, etc.), and you need to think carefully about which type to use. Just be careful: there are plenty of enemies in the levels, and they find the Pikmin as tasty as in the previous games… so please try to avoid them an untimely death in the smelly jaws of one!

Hey! Pikmin will be released on July 13th in Japan, and July 28th in Europe and North America. On the same day, Nintendo will release a brand new amiibo figure, featuring several Pikmin. If you tap that amiibo in-game, you will be able to call in additional Pikmin. By the way, do not expect impressive stereoscopic 3D visuals in this game: it will ony be playable in 2D!

Here’s some footage for Hey! Pikmin from the Nintendo Direct presentation:


Finally, here’s some pictures (boxart, screenshots, artworks, and pictures of the Pikmin amiibo):

Hey! Pikmin (3DS) and the Pikmin amiibo come out on July 13th in Japan, and July 28th in Europe and North America. They have been added to the Upcoming Releases page!


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