Namco Museum: a retro Summer for the Nintendo Switch

Do you like retro games? Do you like compilations filled with nothing but retro games? If yes, you will love the one Bandai-Namco announced during today’s Nintendo Direct: Namco Museum. As the name implies, it’s a collection including various retro games from Namco. The games offers various extra features such as save states, a vertical layout, and more.

We don’t have the complete list of games just yet, but we already know that the following games are included:

  • PAC-MAN (Single-Player)
  • GALAGA (Single Player)
  • SPLATTERHOUSE (Single-Player)
  • ROLLING THUNDER (Multiplayer)
  • SKYKID (Multiplayer)
  • TANK FORCE (Multiplayer)

Here’s the debut trailer for Namco Museum on the Nintendo Switch:

And here’s the main features:

  • Stop and resume your gameplay at any time!
  • Give yourself a newchallenge with Challenge Modes available for each game!
  • Compete for the top score worldwide with the NAMCO MUSEUM ranking system!
  • Play games with your screen horizontally, or switch to a vertical layout for the classic arcade game feel!
  • Switch games, stop, and resume play with ease!

Finally, here’s some screenshots for Namco Museum:

Namco Museum (Switch) will be released this Summer in Europe and North America, but does not have a release date in Japan yet. It will cost 29.99€/$. It has been added to the Upcoming Releases page!



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