Has-Been Heroes (free) expansion now available

Yesterday, Frzoenbyte surprised players of Has-Been Heroes by releasing a meety expansion, which is now available for download. The price? 0€ / $0 / £0! That’s right: it’s completely free, and all you have to do is download the update that was released yesterday.

Here’s a video introducing that expansion:

This expansion includes quite a lot of additional content, such as:

  • 8 new playable characters (including the Trine heroes: Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief. Those come with custom animations, such as Amadeus attacking with a box, 2D visuals in the style of Has-Been Heroes, and more), available after unlocking the Epic Quest mode;
  • Epic Quest Mode: a brand new mode for players looking to test their skills. What’s so special about it? Well, you don’t get any starting spells!
  • New region for the main game: Sky Temple. Each run in that region includes unique twists, new enemies, and new bosses;
  • Challenge Mode: a single difficult battle, with pre-set loadout of characters, items, and spells. Completing a Challenge allows you to unlock a new Young Hero;
  • Seed mode: share a seed number with friends, and play the exact same game/run with a timer. You can then try to see who can complete the run the fastest!
  • 120+ new spells
  • 150+ new items

Here’s some screenshots for the expansion:

Wondering why Frozenbyte decided to release an expansion in the first place, and why a free one to boot? Here’s the answer:

The free expansion is our way to thank you back, we started working on it in the spring and summer, and what started out as “let’s do a little bit of extra content” turned out to be a pretty major content add-on. Actually at some point we thought we should put a price on it, but after a while we figured that we rather have everybody have access to the same content and new features.

You can find out more details over at the official Frozenbyte blog!



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