Genei Ibun Roku #FE: Vocal Collection album to be released next month in Japan

Genei Ibun Roku #FEIf you read any of our posts about Genei Ibun Roku #FE or watched one of the trailers, you know that the game is all about the entertainment business. There’s quite a lot of songs in it, sung by the various characters (even though only a couple of them are actual singers). In fact, there will be even a special concert with the voice actors / singers in May.

Good news for players who really enjoyed the songs in the game: an album will be released next month in Japan, on February 10th. The album is called Genei Ibun Roku #FE Vocal Collection, by Fortuna All-Stars (Fortuna Entertainment being the talent agency the main characters belong to in the game).

The album will cost 3 240 Yen (+ taxes), and includes 18 tracks:

  • 01. “Reincarnation”, by Kiria (Yoshino Nanjou)
  • 02. “Feel”, by Tsubasa Oribe (Inori Minase)
  • 03. “BLACK RAIN”, by Yashiro Tsurugi(Yoshimasa Hosoya)
  • 04. “Beastie Game”, by TIKi(Sumire Morohoshi)
  • 05. “Amaoto no Memory”, by Minamoto Mamori (Kaori Fukuhara)
  • 06. “Tomodachi Ijou, Koibito miman”, by Tsubasa Oribe (Inori Minase)
  • 07. “Meiro”, by Kiria (Yoshino Nanjou)
  • 08. “Give me!!”, by Kiria x Tsubasa Oribe (Yoshino Nanjou / Inori Minase)
  • 09. “Kimi to Boku to no Kyori” by Emotional KEY(Nanami Karin / Wakatsuki / Mina Nakazawa)
  • 10. “Dear☆Majo!Sweet?” (Sekiya Mayu)
  • 11. “Donnel o Kugurinuketara”, by Minamoto Mamori (Kaori Fukuhara)
  • 12. “Jump! Ouga!!!” by Toma Akagi (Yuuki Ono)
  • 13. “Dream Catcher”, by Tsubasa Oribe x Yumizuru Eleonora (Minase Inori / Sakura Ayane)
  • 14. “Under the moon”, by Yashiro Tsurugi (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
  • 15. “Maboroshi janai Sekai”, by TIKi (Sumire Morohoshi)
  • 16. “Fly~Kimi to Iu Kaze~”, by Tsubasa Oribe (Inori Minase
  • 17. “Fire Emblem~Hikari no Gikyoku~”,
  • 18. “Smile Smile”, by Itsuki Aoi&FORTUNA ALL STARS(Ryouhei Kimura / Yuuki Ono / Ami Koshimizu / Ayane Sakura / Yuuichi Nakamura / Yoshino Nanjou / Kaori Fukuhara / Yoshimasa Hosoya / Minase Inori / Sumire Morohoshi)

Finally, here’s the cover of the album, as well as the set of SD Character charms that comes with the first print copies

If you’re interested, the album can already be pre-ordered from CD Japan (who offers a poster instead of the charms with first-print copies)!

Genei Ibun Roku #FE (Wii U) comes out this year in Europe and North America.

Source: Ani-mu-mo



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