Fuji TV: Monster Hunter Stories to get a daytime timeslot

Last week, on the first day of the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Stories would get an anime series. It will be broadcast on Fuji TV, which is also airing the Dragon Ball Super and the One Piece anime series, which shows that Capcom is pretty ambitious regarding both the anime series and the game itself.

And on Friday, Fuji TV announced the creation a new daytime timeslot especially for the Monster Hunter Stories anime series, which will air between 6AM and 7PM. Unfortunately, we don’t know on which day and at which time precisely it will air (more details will be announced in the upcoming months).

This news is pretty important, as this is the first time in almost ten years that Fuji TV is creating a new daytime timeslot for anime. The last time it happened, it was for One Piece, in October 2006, which goes to show that the Monster Hunter Stories anime is a big deal for both Capcom and Fuji TV.

Most anime series are broadcast late at night (between Midnight and 4AM), with the exception of series aimed at kids such as Chibi Maruko-chan (Sunday at 6PM), Pokémon (Thursday at 7PM) or Yo-kai Watch (Friday, 6.30PM).

This daytime timeslot shows that Capcom doesn’t want just young adults and teenagers to watch the anime which is in line with their overall strategy for Monster Hunter Stories. With this game, the company is targeting a younger audience than with regular Monster Hunter games; an audience it didn’t manage to attract with its failed cross-media franchise, Gaist Crusher.

Monster Hunter StoriesMonster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out next year in Japan.

Source: Fuji TV
Via: ANN


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