Fuga: Melodies of Steel – Latest videos and characters

There’s only a couple of days until Fuga: Melodies of Steel is released worldwide (on July 29th), and CyberConnect2 have shared the latest batch of videos for the game. They showcase more of the gameplay systems!

The first one is about Expeditions, and the ancient ruins you can explore in search of treasure:

Over the course of the game, the children will discover ancient ruins! With a toy gun for protection from what lurks within, select and send in 3 crew members to explore, evade traps, and find treasure!

The second video is about the Route Map:

On the route map, players will encounter various node icons, such as for battles, intermission, and expeditions. Furthermore, paths will fork into other paths with varying levels of difficulty: easy, standard, and challenging. The harder the path you choose, the better the rewards you’ll receive, but watch out! These are not for the faint of heart! Which path will you take towards victory? The choice is yours.

And the third one is about the Market and Comic Pages:

Market: Players can trade in items obtained from scrap fishing or from expeditions for higher level items!

Comic Pages: By speaking with the locals of a village, players can receive items, ingredients, and even comic pages! The comics represent an on-going, serialized manga, and can be acquired from each village. Try collecting them all!

Finally, the fourth video is a compilation of the past few videos (no point in watching it if you already watched the individual videos!), and it showcases the following:

  • Link Events & Link Attacks
  • Notebook & Hero Mode
  • Expeditions – Exploring Ruins
  • Villages – Market & Comic Pages
  • Route Map

Also, several new characters have been revealed:

  • Pretzel (voiced by Yasuhiro Mamiya)
  • Von Baum (voiced by Naomi Kusumi)
  • Von Stollen (voiced by Shouto Kashii)
  • Doktor Blutwurst (voiced by Yuichi Iguchi)
  • Flam Kish (voiced by Yui Kondo)
  • Shvein Hax (voiced by Kenji Nomura)
  • Britz Strudel (voiced by Yuichi Iguchi)

Finally, here’s the latest two episodes of the official comic, Fuga: Comedies of Steel (make sure to activate English subtitles!):

  • Episode 6: My Name Is Jin
  • Episode 7: He Is Socks

Fuga: Melodies of Steel (Switch) comes out on July 29th worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer / 4Gamer



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