Freedom Games @ E3 2021: all the announcements

During their E3 2021 presentation, Freedom Games made quite a few announcements for the Nintendo Switch, with quite a few brand new games revealed!

Here’s the full recording of the showcase:

First: Dreamscaper, a survival rogue-lite action RPG developed by Afterburner Studios has a release date: August 12th. This version includes new difficulty settings, bosses, environments, enemies, endings, music, and more.

A surreal, roguelite inspired ARPG with modernized hack’n’slash combat about lucid dreaming. Warp the dreamscape around you to battle the nightmares that live in a young woman’s subconscious.

Next, a new announcement: Coromon, a Pokémon-like developed by TRAGsoft. It will be released sometime in Q1 2022.

Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixelart. Coromon brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat and challenging puzzles to a classic genre.

One Lonely Outpost is yet another farming sim, but this one is set in space!

One Lonely Outpost is a space farming sim set on a barren alien planet. Grow your farm and with it a community and a new life.

  • Farm – The most important thing for building a colony is farming! There are two paths you can take; Synthetic and Naturalistic. If you choose to go back to your roots and go down the Naturalistic path, your pocketbook will be overflowing with Spacebucks. However, you’ll need to spend more time tending and taking care of normal animals as they aren’t meant to survive in space. Taking the Synthetic path will let you alter your crops with strains of jellyfish, frogs, microbes, and more! You better be careful though, crops that have been altered will sell for less and will have some…interesting physical features.
  • Build a Community – Where there is food, people will come! But life on an outpost is hard, and you’ll need them as much as they need you. Mechanics, environmental engineers, and more. Over 20 characters are included in the game, including a couple of characters unique to whether you take the organic or synthetic route with your farm. Watch the community grow from just a handful to a tiny town full of interesting folk, with individuals from a broad range of backgrounds. Help them out and you may just find some friends or a someone special to spend your life on the colony with! 
  • Explore – Did you forget you’re in space? The planet which you will name is full of mystery. Despite having no living matter whatsoever, it has oxygen and a water cycle. Go out and explore, and you’ll find ancient alien ruins with robots that seek to test you. If you fail, they don’t harm you…much. Instead they dump you out at the entrance and wait for you to try again. Pass their tests and you may just discover how this unique world came to be, and what that means for its future.
  • Immerse yourself in the Music & Setting – Your colony will truly feel like being on another world. Fully realized and detailed pixel art will create an environment that is a character unto itself. Enjoy music by Bashi Boizu, composer for Magicite, Roguelands, and Littlewood, among others. An innovative, modern take on 8-bittish music drives the narrative – from starting out alone, to becoming part of a community.

Developer by Roost Games, Cat Café Manager is a game that allows you to manage your very own cat-centered café. It will be released in Q2 2022.

So you’re the cat cafe’s new owner? Nice meeting ye! Hope ye can fix this old place up. Plenty of stray cats around who deserve a proper home! Reckon the townsfolk could use a wee pick-me-up, as well. Lots of talk about a mysterious black cat stalking the streets…

And here’s the latest trailer for To The Rescue! (the dog shelter simulation by Little Rock Games, out this Fall):

To The Rescue! is a charming dog shelter simulator. Take care of unique dogs and find the right homes for as many of them as you can. Upgrade your shelter, control disease outbreaks, learn each dog’s preferences, and make tough decisions, all while helping support real-world animal shelters!

Finally, Airborne Kingdom is a city-builder set in the sky. It will be released later this year.

A first-of-its-kind “sky city builder,” Airborne Kingdom finds players in control of their own civilization in the clouds – at first a small propellor-borne platform that will grow in population and scale into a vast, bustling kingdom. Gathering resources, exploring the sprawling landscapes below, and maintaining literal and figurative balance as the city expands in every direction, players will gradually ally themselves with kingdoms on the ground, collaborating to kickstart a long-lost global exchange of resources, ideas, and hope.

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Source: Freedom Games PR



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