Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows: a few more details and pictures

Nintendo have updated the official website for Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Japan with details about the Cindered Shadows DLC. Most of the details were previously shared via Twitter (see this post for the details, pictures, and videos, if you haven’t already), but there’s some additional details to be found in there.

The gameplay flow in Cindered Shadow is quite different than in the main game. There’s no weekdays or holidays, but also no instruction periods, and no qualification exams. As mentioned previously, you get to use a fixed set of party members, with a fixed set of classes and skills to choose from for each one. There’s also various other restrictions, which results in a slightly higher difficulty than in the main game.

One thing that didn’t change from the main game is that units can level up by accumulating XP.

In the Abyss, there’s a junk area, where you can find various items discarded by people living in the Abyss. There, you can find weapons with some durability left, and some that you will need to bring to the blacksmith first. Considering you get limited funds in the DLC, those freebies are definitely worth grabbing!

Via a previous Twitter update, we learned that after progressing far enough in the DLC, the members of the Ashen Wolves can show up in the main game. You can interact with them like with any other students, invite them to join your house, and more. But that’s not all: once they have joined your class, you get access to some additional support conversations with those characters, and you can also tackle Paralogue maps related to them.

Once you have unlocked the Abyss in the main game, allowing you to go explore it, there’s various facilities and activities you can enjoy there. Here’s a few examples:

  • Pagan Altar: allows you to trade resources (food, ore) for some renown points. You can also trade renown points for various weapons and tools;
  • Mysterious Teacher: a former teacher from the Officers Academy. You can talk to him in order to find out how much the various characters have grown with the protagonist;
  • Astrologist: available in the second part of the game. Allows you to spend renown points in order to increase the support level between two specific units. There’s also an option called “Star Crossing”, that allows you to “connect your future fate”.

Finally, here’s some additional screenshots for Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows (Switch) comes out on February 12th in North America, and February 13th in Europe and Japan.


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