Fire Emblem Heroes: “War of the Clerics” Voting Gauntlet now over

Update 1: the event is now over! Don’t forget to claim your various rewards! (NB: the Grand Rewards will be available later).


Today, the 4th Voting Gauntlet for Fire Emblem Heroes was announced, called “War of the Clerics”. As the name implies, it pits various clerics against each other. It will take place from June 27th to July 3rd.

There will be several rounds (that all last 45 hours):

  • Round 1: June 27th to June 29th
  • Round 2: June 29th to July 1st
  • Final Round: July 1st to July 3rd
  • Final result:

(NB: you can find times for your timezone in the notification, in Fire Emblem Heroes). You can find the latest results on this special website!

Here’s the various Fire Emblem Heroes characters this event is about:

  • Maria (lost in Round 1)
  • Lachesis (lost in Round 2)
  • Elise (won)
  • Sakura (lost in Round 1)
  • Mist (lost in Round 1)
  • Lissa (lost in Round 2)
  • Clarine (lost in Round 1)
  • Priscilla (lost in Final Round)

NB: those characters are currently available in two Summoning Focuses, which is pretty important as you get the usual bonus if you play as the Hero whose army you decide to join.

With this 4th Voting Gauntlet, rules have once again been modified. Now, the bonus your army gets when it’s at a disadvantage increases over time (up to x 7.5, the max. value). The multiplier is (3.1 + duration x 0.1 Also, some quest content has change, but we don’t have any other details about that for now.

Next, here’s details about the Voting Gauntlet event itself.

This event is basically a tournament to determine who among the characters listed above is the most popular. Here’s how it all works:

  • First, you select a Hero to support among those listed above. In doing so, you join their Army. But make sure to think carefully before chosing one, because you will not be able to change after that, not until your Army loses actually. Also, you simply cannot see how many points each Army has until you join.
  • Second… win battles! You need to win as many of them as possible. You go to battle by pressing the totally not big green “Battle” button on the screen. Those battles are 3 vs 3, with your team being automatically created using the following allies:
  1. you (obviously!)
  2. a friend (as long as they’re on the same team as you)
  3. someone else from your Army

The leader will be the ally placed in the leftmost slot of the first team.

  • Third… cast your votes. Remember those battles you need to win? Wonder why you need to win them in the first place? Well, it’s because you can only vote if you win the right to! Each vote increases your Army’s score, and the number of votes actually gets a boost based on the number of friends you have (you get a boost for each friend, up to 10). Speaking of boosts, you also get one if your leader is the same character as the Hero of the Army you chose (but be careful: the illustration has to be the same!). The Army Score and ranks are updated regularly, so keep checking them out!

Finally, another way to increase your amount of votes is to use Battle Flags, which multiply votes. There’s two ways to get those precious little flags:

  • Log-in bonus (will only remain active during the event)
  • Special Voting Gauntlet Quests (that you can complete while waiting for your next battle to begin, but only during the event)

NB: those Battle Flags can only be used during this event.

About the Rounds listed above, Nintendo specifies that you can join Round 2 or the Final one even if you didn’t join Round 1. You don’t have to participate in all of them, as a matter of fact. And if your Army happens to lose, you can always seek revenge by joining another Army for the next Round.

Wondering what’s in store for you? After all, you’re probably not expecting to take part in a war without proper rewards at the end… Well, here’s what you can get thanks to this event:

  • Army Victory Rewards (500 Hero Feathers)
  • Rank in Army Rewards (Round 1 and Round 2)
  • 1 to 1 000 = 2 500 Hero Feathers
  • 1 001 to 5 000 = 2 100 Hero Feathers
  • 5 001 to 10 000 = 1 700 Hero Feathers
  • 10 001 to 30 000 = 1 300 Hero Feathers
  • 30 001 to 50 000 = 1 100 Hero Feathers
  • 50 001 to 70 000 = 900 Hero Feathers
  • 70 001 to 99 999 = 700 Hero Feathers
  • 100 000 or Not Ranked = 500 Hero Feathers
  • Rank in Army Rewards (Final Round)
  1. 1 to 1 000 = 3 500 Hero Feathers
  2. 1 001 to 5 000 = 3 100 Hero Feathers
  3. 5 001 to 10 000 = 2 700 Hero Feathers
  4. 10 001 to 30 000 = 2 300 Hero Feathers
  5. 30 001 to 50 000 = 1 900 Hero Feathers
  6. 50 001 to 70 000 = 1 600 Hero Feathers
  7. 70 001 to 99 999 = 1 300 Hero Feathers
  8. 100 000 or Not Ranked = 1 000 Hero Feathers
  • Total Rank Rewards
  1. 1 to 1 000 = 3 000 Hero Feathers
  2. 1 001 to 5 000 = 2 600 Hero Feathers
  3. 5 001 to 10 000 = 2 200 Hero Feathers
  4. 10 001 to 30 000 = 1 800 Hero Feathers
  5. 30 001 to 50 000 = 1 600 Hero Feathers
  6. 50 001 to 70 000 = 1 400 Hero Feathers
  7. 70 001 to 99 999 = 1 200 Hero Feathers
  8. 100 000 or Not Ranked = 1 000 Hero Feathers

The more you battle, the more rewards you will get. Keep in mind that the “losing army multiplier” also applies to your own score, so make sure to vote when your army is losing, to rack up points like crazy!

Also, there will be Grand Rewards for all players taking part in the event, determined by the overall voting score throughout the event. If the overall voting score exceeds 10 billion, then all players will get the following:

  • 10 Orbs
  • 10 000 Universal Crystals

The overall voting score will be announced after the event ends (on July 3rd). The Grand Rewards will be distributed to Fire Emblem Heroes players as a special log-in bonus.

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