Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0: all you need to know (Inherit Skill, Anima and Dark Mythic Heroes, Sacred Seals, more)

March is finally there, which means it’s finally time for the next Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Ver. 3.3.0 will be released in early March, most likely next week (by March 8th). Official patch notes will be added to this page as soon as they’re available.

Here’s a quick rundown of what this new update brings:

  • The Inherit Skill feature is being expanded
  • The Aetheric Lift loss reduction provided by Anima and Dark Mythic Heroes is being strengthened slightly
  • New weapons and weapons to refine are being added
  • Sacred Seals are being made easier to to find on the Equip Seals screen

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0 – Inherit Skill Expansion

Starting with this version, each Hero will be able to transfer up to 4 skills to another Hero, instead of 3. And… that’s pretty much it!

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0 – Dark and Anima Mythic Effects Improvements

When deployed, Dark and Anima Mythic Heroes provide an Aetheric Lift loss-reduction. Starting with Ver. 3.3.0, that effect will be slightly strengthened. Here’s an example with Duma (God of Strength):


(Number of Mythic Heroes (Max: 2) x the number of Heroes with the blessing conferred x4)


(Number of Mythic Heroes (Max: 2) x the number of Heroes with the blessing conferred x5)

However, the way Mythic Hero merges impact this effect is not changing.

This change will take effect with the new Season starting on March 12th, which means there will be a few days with the old values after the update has been released.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0 – New Weapon Skills and Weapons to Refine

Fire Emblem Heroes Weapon Refinery March 2019

What would a Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes be without the usual set of new Weapon Skills and Weapons to refine? Ver. 3.3.0 will add the following character-specific skills (learnable at 5 ★):

  • Eternal Tome (Sophia: Nabata Prophet)
  • Argent Bow (Klein: Silver Nobleman)

Of course, you will be able to upgrade those weapons once they have been obtained. Speaking of upgrades, here’s the weapons you will be able to upgrade using Arena Medals and Divine Dew:

  • Dark Aura (Linde: Light Mage, Delthea: Free Spirit)
  • Dark Excalibur (Merric: Wind Mage, Sonya: Vengeful Mage)

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0 – Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

You will be able to summon the following Heroes via Heroic Grails:

  • Naesala: Sky’s Shadow
  • Camilla: Steamy Secrets

As usual, you can find the complete list of Heroes available via Heroic Grails on this page!

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.3.0 – Changes to the Equip Seals Screen

Finally, Ver. 3.3.0 will provide some welcome Quality of Life improvements to the Equip Seals screen:

  • color-coded categories: Sacred Seals will now be sorted by slot (A, B, C, and Exclusive)
  • the scroll bar will show where each of these categories begins, so you can quickly scroll down to the one(s) you’re interested in.

And that’s pretty much it for this update! As usual, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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