Fire Emblem Heroes: new set of Special Heroes coming today (“Ylissean Summer” Summoning Focus)

Do you remember that particular bit of DLC for Fire Emblem Awakening, caleld Summer Scramble, featuring illustrations of the characters wearing swimsuits? Well, the next set of Special Heroes for Fire Emblem Heroes is basically based on that. It’s called Ylissean Summer, and it features special versions of Heroes wearing the kind of outfit you would expect anyone to wear at the beach or the swimming pool.

Here’s the list of Special Heroes included in this Ylissean Summer Summoning Focus:

  • Tiki, the Summering Scion. Voiced by Mela Lee. Artist: Okaya;
  • Frederick, the Horizon Watcher. Voiced by Kyle Hebert. Artist: Suekane Kumiko;
  • Gaius, the Thief Exposed. Voiced by Ray Chase. Artist: Ichiiro Hako;
  • (Female) Robin, the Seaside Tactician. Vocied by Lauren Landa. Artist: Mayo.

Those Special Heroes have been added to the list of confirmed characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, in the section dedicated to Special Heroes.

Naturally, this new Summoning Focus also comes with a new Paralogue Story, called Ylissean Summer. More details will be added to the Events and Content Updates page for Fire Emblem Heroes when it’s available… later today (it will most likely be avalabile already by the time you read this!).

Here’s a trailer introducing both the Special Heroes and the new Paralogue Story:

Here’s some extra pictures for the characters and the Paralogue:

This new Summoning Focus and the new Paralogue Story will be available from June 30th to August 1st.

Source: 4Gamer



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