Fire Emblem Heroes: new set of Special Heroes now available (Bridal Blessings Summoning Focus)

In Fire Emblem Heroes, there are several types of Summoning Focuses, which offer different types of characters:

  • those focused on a specific theme, or event (such as a Grand Hero Battle), with characters already available in the game as Focus Heroes;
  • those focused on specific games, with brand new characters available in the game for the first time as Focus Heroes;
  • those that are basically a mix of the two, with a special version of characters already available in the game as Focus Heroes. Those not only have a different look than their regular counterpart, they also have different stats and skills.. they’re basically separate Heroes, and the game technically considers them as such (important for the Arena or Voting Gauntlet for example).

And the next Summoning Focus, now available in Fire Emblem Heroes, is of the 3rd variant. It’s called Bridal Blessings, and features 4 bride-themed Heroes (already added to this page):

  • [5 ★ Focus] [5 ★] Caeda, Taly’s Bridge. Voiced by Cherami Leigh. Artist: Yoshiku;
  • [5 ★ Focus] [5 ★] Charlotte, the Money Maiden. Voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker. Artist: pikomaro;
  • [5 ★ Focus] [5 ★] Cordelia, the Perfect Bride. Voiced by Julie Ann Taylor. Artist: Mayo;
  • [5 ★ Focus] [5 ★] Lyn, the Bride of the Plains. Voiced by Wendee Lee. Artist: Yamada Kotaro.

As usual, a new Paralogue went live live at the same time as the Summoning Focus, also called Bridal Blessings. In fact, a new set of Special Quests also went live alongside the Summoning Focus and Paralogue, and it’s called… yes, Bridal Blessings, too! More details are available in this post . The Summoning Focus and the Special Quests will last two weeks, until June 14th (the Paralogue stays forever).

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